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V334 - Patch Notes

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Patch v334.4


This patch will go live July 3, 2024.


  • Updated the @guild lookup Guild Point display to include commas for better legibility.

Bug Fix

  • Fixed issue where storing weekly GP earnings of 2.1 billion or more causes negative numbers.

Patch v334.3


This patch will go live June 30, 2024.

Guild War

  • Updated the Guild Point multipliers for same guild members within a room:
Number of Guild Members 4 Player Rooms 6 Player Rooms 8 Player Rooms
1 120% 150% 150%
2 100% 120% 150%
3 80% 100% 120%
4 25% 80% 100%
5 45% 80%
6 25% 45%
7 33%
8 25%
  • Max Guild Points per 'instance' (an instance can be a game completion, a game kill, monster kill, etc.) has been increased by 30x to accommodate the new Guild Booster.


  • Removed the Mission 300 challenge from DCS #1.
    • This DCS stops the Guild War unfortunately and can be too intrusive.
  • Added additional 'WILDCARD' or 'ANYTHING GOES' challenge to compensate for the removal of Mission 300 challenge.
    • This will apply regardless of whatever mode you are playing.


  • Updated resource print-out when leaving a room.
    • Added number of games played
    • Cleaned up the Element Count text

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where Guild Multiplier sometimes increased unevenly or reduced slightly.

Patch v334.2


This patch will go live June 27, 2024.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where Guild Points would not go over 2.1 billion.

Patch v334.1


This patch will go live June 16, 2024.


An updated list of all DCS information can be found here.

DCS #1

  • Mission 300 has been added as a challenge.

DCS #2

  • Rate Changes
    • Element, Code, EXP: 1.2x -> 1.1x
    • Guild Points: 2.0x -> 1.5x

DCS #3

  • DCS #3 (Micro Credits) has been changed:
    • DCS #3 is now a user refreshable DCS (similar to DCS 2).
    • The challenges for DCS #3 are Equipment Element + Character Element challenges. There is also a wildcard challenge in there.
    • Micro Credits has been completely removed from DCS #3.
  • New Rate Bonuses
    • Element, Code, EXP: 1.3x
    • Guild Points: 1.6x

Other DCS Changes

  • The @dcs refresh command will now refresh both DCS #2 and DCS #3.
  • Premium Users now have access to two @dcs refresh usages per hour instead of one.

Guild Boosters

  • A new Guild Booster has been added:
    • Guild Points, +3,000% (30x) for 20 minutes
      • 15,000 Guild Cash

Rate Changes

  • Mission 300 Rates:
    • Increased by 40% for EXP, Code and Element Rates.
  • Crystal Capture:
    • Increased by 40% for EXP, Code and Element Rates.


  • Added time to command for easier management of daily reset

Bugs & Backend Changes

  • Fixed issue where trophies were sometimes not given for Guild Accolades at the end of the Guild War week.
  • Further performance updates for the server backend.