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Boss Raid Strategy

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Boss Raid Strategy ver. 2020/10/21

  • Written by UnknownSven

1. The first step is very easy

As soon as you start, gather all the monsters on the map at 5 o'clock, gather in the corner, kill the skull, the talc, the Golam, go to the bullpen, and get a job. (Lucy - Bulldog Set and Shamu - Bulldog Set)

  • Out after confirming that a clear message has arrived*

2. Next time, you will dig a new room, change it to step 2, and then match the combination. Usually, the second level based on the full room of eight people is one to two people, Lucy or Warren. It's okay to have one or two Warrens depending on your skill level. The order is Job Mob (12 o'clock, 6 o'clock) -> Fairy (11 o'clock) -> Cyclops (9 o'clock, 7 o'clock)

  • Out after confirming that a clear message has arrived*

3. Select step 3 combination as Warren (axe) - 4, Lucy (axe) - 3, and Avatar (stick) -1. After that, all monsters are driven to 1 o'clock except Dragon+Ifrit*4 (7 o'clock). If we're done, we'll gather at 6 o'clock and kill the dragon

11-2 EGGAGG, scheduled to add a Borre guide

11-3 Manners related to the treasure of Unknown Sven and what's good to know when it's a treasure

1. What do you want the room manager and participants to do?

1) Please check the number of people up to the 7th person, and if there are people who can't come in due to missing people or waiting time limit on the last 8th person, please take care of the person who came first. 2) And there may be sudden radies, first-timers, and people who are not familiar with it, so I want the room manager to guide me first, and if it doesn't work out, I want someone who knows Borre to guide me. 3) There is also a possibility of doing a live broadcast, so if there are more than 6 people, please tell me your password in advance. 4) For stable clear and quick communication when playing games, I hope you can see the chat even if it's annoying. 5) Not only the head of the room but also the participants should write down the remaining roles when it is 300 dollars spicy. Even if you are in the pick-up window, you may not be able to see the character well in the waiting window depending on the location, so it would be nice if the person who entered first wrote down what was left. ex)Lucy 1

2. Regarding Pick...

It would be the fastest and best picture if someone gave way. However, you will play games in various ways, including fast clear/stable clear/fun games, depending on the person. First, if the picks are what they want to do with each other, especially in the case of 300 avatars, it would be right to give it to the person who made the announcement first. In the case of Bore 300, if one person keeps trolling or behaving abnormally, it's going to be difficult overall, so if you know Bore 300, you're going to do something extra for a stable clear, or in the case of 300, Lucy. In the case of avatars, it is ideal for professionals who have stable shooting and MP management. Second, it's the easiest but most overlooked question. For 300, Warren has 4 digits, Lucy has 3 digits, and Avatar has 1 digit. I've already said the avatar part, so let's move on, and the hasty pick in relation to Lucy and Warrenpick can lead to a lot more cases than Lucy and Warren just mentioned. In this case, if you know the libbang and Bore, you will first adjust it by chatting, "I'll be Lucy, so keep the rest of you." If this doesn't work out, I want the room manager to pick for a stable clear 😀 Finally, when it comes to tempo, Warren is more than nine swords than an axe these days. The reason is that it has less secrets than axes and can hit corners in a row, so it has been a while since it changed from ax to water sword. So if it's more than nine swords, I want you to use a sword rather than an axe. A sword does not mean a black sword or a sword: O Lucy will be used for every attribute axe except the sea, especially in the case of a bullset, due to its useful speed and high heel. In case of 300, considering that the Yongbres is falling, Lucy can leave the dragon or wait there to receive the heel if there is no hp, and if the heel does not come in well, please use the time and heel. ex)5 Hill No matter how many scenes you have, it may take about 3 seconds from the end to the end and may not be able to locate well. 300 avatars are probably only for those who do, so I'll skip it, and 110 is better for quick clear than a big stick: D 10 and 110 are easy, so I mentioned it briefly. Regarding the pet, the monster attack phenomenon becomes severe in the early stages of the monster attack taxi due to cryo at 300, so please remove it if possible, and if you see a wearer, participants should be careful of control 😀 That's all for today!

3. Comments and feedback from others (will be added at any time)

In the case of 300, beginners will be distracted by people who are good at pressing, so if you explain your role in the game one more time instead of diving with 12 o'clock creams, your knowledge of the game will be faster. -Secondstar