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Code Shop

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The Code Shop is an in-game custom shop implemented for players' to use their Code to purchase various items.

  • The Code Shop refreshes once every 2 hours.
  • Prices in the Code Shop are determined by User Shop sale history of an item over the last 30 days, +20% mark up.
  • Loot Crates and a few other items have a static price.


  • @codeshop - View the Code Shop and see the items on sale.
  • @cs <#> - Purchase an item from the Code Shop.

Items on the Code Shop

  • Skill 1-1 Fusion
  • SKill 2-1 Fusion
  • Skill 2-2 Fusion
  • Skill 1 Fusion
  • Skill 2 Fusion
  • Enchantment Fusion
  • Loot Crates
  • Ultra Crates