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V326.x Patch Notes

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This patch is live as of June 10, 4:59PM UTC-4.

Patch v326.0

This one is a major patch. This patch includes backend changes for the migration and support of the new v3 client to be released.

New Commands: Card Management

As requested by many players and through the many tickets, we have now added functionality to split and combine card stacks for Skill Cards and Trade Credits.

  • @me combine <card-name> <untradable>
    • Example: @me combine sk1 y
      • This will combine all Skill 1 Cards in the player's inventory that are marked "untradable".
  • @me split <card-name> <amt>
    • Example: @me split enchant 10
      • This will split a stack of Enchantment Skill Cards into a separate stack of 10.
  • Card Names
    • sk1 - Skill 1
    • sk2 - Skill 2
    • sk1-1 - Skill 1-1
    • sk2-1 - Skill 2-1
    • sk2-2 - Skill 2-2
    • lvl10 - Level 10/11 Fusion
    • trade-credit - Trade Credits
    • enchant - Enchantment Fusion

Accolades upon Joining a Room

We have lots of veteran players, players whom have achieved a lot during their play time at SPGENS. Now, when you join a room, those accolades will be shown.

  • Joining a room now shows the following info:
    • Account Age
    • Rebirths
    • Premium Status & Tier

Rate Balancing

  • Tournament Mode EXP/Code rates increased by 50%.
    • Since we removed modes from DCS, this was highly requested as Tournament is one of the most popular modes.
  • EXP & Code increased overall by 15% for ALL modes.

PVP Specific Rates

  • Defeating unverified players in PVP will now only yield 5% of EXP & Code & 10% of Elements (of total).
    • This change was due to increased swapping on the server. We are unable to constantly police players who are doing this, but the reduced rates will ensure their unfair play will not be rewarded. We will make our best efforts to verify new players on a daily basis.
  • If you belong to a guild and the player you defeated does not, rates will be reduced: 50% EXP & Code, 80% Elements (of total).
  • If you belong to a guild and are participating in PVP, EXP, Code & Element rates will increase by 5%.
  • If you belong to a guild and the player you defeat is in a guild, further increases to rates by 8%.

Mission 300 Specific Rates

  • Increase Mission 300 Rates by 15%.


  • Removed modes from DCS, maps are only available for DCS #1.
  • DCS now updates every hour instead of every 8 hours.

User Shop Changes

Limitations have changed due to the ever more prevalent selling of code between players. Limitations for User Shop have been updated.


  • User Shop requires players to be verified and of greater level than Moon 1 (Level 21) in order to add cards to the User Shop.
  • The amount of cards listed at any given time (referred to as "slots") is determined by your account status.
    • Players with Premium Subscriptions have additional benefits.
    • Additional benefits are increased slots and lower fees for using User Shop.
  • Equipment cards must have a 28% or higher second skill activation in order to be sold on the User Shop
  • Equipment cards must be level 7 or higher in order to be sold on the User Shop
  • User Shop cards are listed for 48 hours.

Player Level Limitations

For players under level 28, there is a limit to how much code an item can be listed for on the User Shop:

  • Level 21: 50,000,000 Code
  • Level 22: 60,000,000 Code
  • Level 23: 80,000,000 Code
  • Level 24: 100,000,000 Code
  • Level 25: 200,000,000 Code
  • Level 26: 800,000,000 Code
  • Level 27: 2,000,000,000 Code
  • Level 28+: Unlimited

Loot Crates

We have changed the drop table:

  • 1,000 Cash: 10% -> 8%
  • 25,000 Random Elements: 9.5% -> 11%
  • Level 10/11 Fusion: 2% -> 2.5%

Bug Fixes & Technical Fixes

  • Bug fix with internal systems for Premium bonuses causing instability and server halts
  • Server is ready for v3 client communication, 1.3.1 is backwards compatible
  • Additional record systems for card combining, splitting, Fusions, and Loot Crates were added