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V326.x Patch Notes

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Patch v326.21


Live as of October 12, 2021.

v131 Client

As stated over an announcement on Discord, using the v131 client will have regular rates compared to the v3 client and the upgrade warnings have been temporarily removed.

We are working to update the v3 client with an additional 'window' mode similar to the v131 client to ensure lag-free gameplay. Until then, the v131 client will be usable.


DMS Objective Rate

  • DMS Objective rate (the rate in which you earn cash to complete DMS) has been completely changed.
    • Tournament Mode: -50% Objective Rate
    • Teamplay, Assault: -36% Objective Rate
    • Survival Mode: +60% Objective Rate
      • Survival Mode will now be the fastest way to complete DMS when PVPing.
  • DMS Objective rate for Premium users now scales linearly based on the amount of cash required to complete when compared to "verified" users.
    • For example, Premium Gold requires 1,030 cash to complete DMS.
    • (300 / 1030) = 3.43, this is the multiplier for DMS Objective Rate for Premium Gold.

We made these rate changes to encourage usage of the Survival game mode. Survival is one of the most accessible game modes for all players and with these changes, new players/players with lesser gear should have an easier time completing DMS.

Quest Mode and Mission mode were not changed.

DMS: Guild Points

  • Per DMS completed daily, Guild Points rewarded changed from 50,000 -> 100,000.
  • Per DMS completed weekly, 5/7, Guild Points rewarded changed from 50,000 -> 100,000.
  • Per DMS completed weekly, 6/7, Guild Points rewarded changed from 75,000 -> 150,000.
  • Per DMS completed weekly, 7/7, Guild Points rewarded changed from 150,000 -> 300,000.

Game Modes

  • Survival Mode: We want to bring this mode back as it is one of the most accessible and easy to play modes in Survival Project.
    • Survival Mode will no longer allow you to equip 'magic' cards and will automatically unequip them. This change was made due to excessive botting in this mode.

EXP, Code & Guild Point Rate Changes

  • Survival Mode: -20% reduction in Guild Points earned
  • Survival Mode: +20% increase in Elements
  • Tournament Mode: +10% increase in Guild Points earned

Room Master & Room Creator Buff

Newly added, these additional buffs give bonus Code rate to the room creator (original person who opened the room) and the room master (player with the key). This change was done to encourage and thank those who patiently wait for their rooms to fill up and encourage consistent gameplay.

  • Room Master Buff (Player with the Key Symbol): +5% Code
  • Room Creator Buff (Original player who opened the room): +7% Code

Super Silver "E"

  • Super Silver "E" will always add +2% to the secondary skill activation when playing Community and PVE modes.

Bug Fixes

  • FIXED: Player 'disconnect' when clicking 'find user' under a player's profile
  • FIXED: User Shop refusing items level 8 and higher. User Shop will now allow level 9 and 8 cards to be listed.

Patch v326.20


Live as of October 4, 2021

Quality of Life

  • Inventory shuffling after fusing a card has been removed and the behavior of fusions is returned to normal.
    • The inventory shuffling was due to a system we implemented to prioritize non-tradable/untradable skill cards to consume first before tradable ones during fusion.
      • A new setting has been added for players to use: @account fuse-non-tradable
      • This setting when set to ON will prioritize non-tradable/untradable skill cards to consume when fusing.
      • Unfortunately, with this setting ON, your inventory will "shuffle".
      • By default, this setting is set to OFF.
  • Removed Fusion Message broadcasting when level 7, 8 or 9 cards were fused. This caused too much spam, especially during Fusion Mania.
  • Fixed various disconnections and 'CoD' conditions.
  • New command added: @dcs - Shows DCS information.

Ban and Warning Systems

  • Re-wrote the ban system:
    • Non permanent bans previously would sometimes not count the days correctly, this has been fixed.
    • Banned users will be able to login to view their "ban reason" to ensure more clarity and transparency for the player.
  • Infraction/Warning System
    • As the server has been operational with this system for a long time, players have had their warnings stuck on their accounts permanently.
    • From now on, on a monthly basis, a single warning will be removed from everyone's account. This means players who behaved badly in the past can still clean up their account over time.


Players still using the v131 client are urged to upgrade to the new v3 client. We have added extra reminders in game. The v131 client will soon be abandoned and will not be able to connect to our servers.

Patch v326.19


Live as of September 27, 2021

Rate Changes

Country Diversity Rates

We heard you loud and clear. We want to promote players to earn more code, exp and guild points through playing with mixed region rooms. But penalizing players who are playing in single region rooms was not the answer.

  • 1 Country Rate: 0.85x -> 1.0x

Gameplay Rates

Listening to community feedback, players miss playing Tournament mode. Teamplay was providing overall better rates in v326.18. Teamplay will now serve as a more casual mode with increased element rates for newer players to play.

  • Teamplay EXP, Code & GP Rates: Reduced by -10% in comparison to v326.18
  • Teamplay Element Rates: Increased by +15% in comparison to v326.18
  • Tournament EXP, Code & GP: Increased by +15% in comparison to v326.18
    • Tournament: On-kill EXP, Code and GP rewards increased by +20%
      • This is the rate of reward given when you beat someone in Tournament mode

Guild War Rewards

  • Minimum GP % to qualify for rewards changed from 2.5% -> 1.0%.
    • Each player needs a minimum of 1.0% of the Guild's final guild score to earn rewards.
      • Example: Super Guild ends the week with 1,000,000 GP.
      • If you have contributed 1% (1,000,000 x 0.01), 10,000 GP, you will receive Tier B prizes.
  • Tier 2 rewards minimum GP % to qualify changed from 6% -> 4.75%.
    • Example: Super Guild ends the week with 1,000,000 GP.
    • If you have contributed 4.75% (1,000,000 x 0.0475), 47,500 GP, you will receive Tier A prizes.

These changes were made after we reviewed the amount of players in a guild actually receiving prizes to be too low. We want more players to earn prizes during the guild war and be more inclusive to more casual players.

Patch v326.18


Live as of September 24, 2021

Rate Changes

  • Mission Mode: Rates were turned too high, especially Guild Point rates. The intention was to have this mode be an option to play to compete, not the main way to earn GP.
    • Mission GP Rates: Reduced by -15%.
  • Tournament Mode:
    • Kill Rate (per kill): Increased EXP/Code by +5%.
  • PVP Modes (ALL):
    • Increased GP Rates by +10%.
  • Hot Time
    • Guild Point rates during Hot Time no longer increase by 2.0x, instead, they will increase by 1.2x.
  • Hot Time Ultra
    • Guild Point rates during Hot Time no longer increase by 2.5x, instead, they will increase by 1.3x.

Patch v326.15


Live as of September 2, 2021.

QoL/Bug Fixes

  • Critical Bug Fixed: False banning of users due to an internal issue fixed.
  • "Inventory Refresh" system when players are fusing cards should not scramble their inventory anymore

Patch v326.14


Live as of Aug 29.

Guild Points

  • Changed the limit per addition of Guild Points from 1,000,000 GP to 2,000,000 GP.
  • Removed guild rank catch up rate

Bug Fixes/QoL

  • Enchantment Fusion periodically would give no enchantments, this is now fixed
  • Serial numbers will now show upon enchantment fusion and when viewing your enchantments through the command
  • Super-Silver cards from Loot Crate will all come with 3 days of Premium instead of 1

Patch v326.13


Live as of Aug 23.


  • Region diversity rates have changed:
    • 1 Region: 0.9x -> 0.85x
    • 2 Regions: 1.05x -> 1.15x
    • 3 Regions: 1.15x -> 1.25x
    • 4 Regions: N/A -> 1.4x

Bug Fixes & QoL Changes

  • Skill Cards used during fusion will now automatically consume Untradable fusion cards before consuming tradable ones.
    • Your inventory will automatically refresh as well.
  • Fixed bug where Skill Resilience Event was disabled unintentionally.
  • Fixed bug where community rooms were sometimes created on first page
  • Changed room count from 48 to 36.

Patch v326.11


Live as of Aug. 17.


  • Fixed issue where Guild Points from gameplay were being added incorrectly.
  • DCS #2: Increased GP rate from 2.0 to 2.52 to match previous DCS #1 + DCS #2 combined GP Rate.
  • Teamplay: EXP, Code rates reduced by -15% - This was overtuned and too high.
  • Teamplay: Element rate increased by +30%.

Patch v326.10


Live as of Aug. 16.


Changes were made based on current metrics of payout for EXP, Code & Elements. We noticed a huge difference in rate compared to Tournament mode, so we are increasing other modes' rates dramatically.

  • Teamplay, Assault
    • Rates were not being applied properly, players should see a +130% increase in Teamplay EXP, Code.
    • Element rates for this mode increased by +40%.
  • Mission 300
    • Increased EXP, Code by +30%
    • Increased Element rates by +30%

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed critical bug where cards were unable to save due to date formatting issues.

Patch v326.8


Patch has been completely updated after receiving feedback from our player base.

This patch is scheduled for August 15.


We have also noticed a behavioral change where players are attempting to complete the most amount of games in a given time. We will be adding a "timer" system that checks how fast games complete and adjust rates accordingly to ensure players can enjoy slower paced games.

This will be coming in a future patch. We also have plans to work on Symbol mode (if we can figure out how to make it work properly) and a new custom mode.

Additionally, we are committed to fixing some of the 'lag' and slow downs that recently appeared. We will be debugging and recording lots of data to attempt to fix this over the next 3 weeks.

Rate Changes

Daily Challenge System (DCS) - Revision 1.3

The DCS is a critical part since to gameplay since it's introduction last year. We have noticed that players almost exclusively play around the benefits of DCS. Because of this, we want to reintroduce more dynamic gameplay with varying modes, character combinations and card combinations.

DCS Rates & Changes
  • DCS #1:
    • EXP, Code & Element Rates increased from the previous 1.45 multiplier to 1.8.
    • Removed Guild Point bonus from this mode.
    • This challenge will be exclusively maps only.
      • Map List:
        • 1. Ice Cave
        • 2. Woods
        • 3. Village
        • 4. Lava Valley
        • 5. Wind Sanctuary
        • 6. Pirate Ship
        • 7. Stadium
  • DCS #2:
    • Decrease EXP, Code & Element Rates from 1.75 to 1.2.
    • Increased Guild Point rate from 1.2 to 2.0
    • DCS #2 will now generate TWO challenges for players to choose from. These challenges do not stack, but allow players to choose one of the two challenges to earn the DCS #2 rate bonus.
    • New objective list for this challenge:
      • 1. Water Character Requirement (removed element set along-side this challenge)
      • 2. Fire Character Requirement (removed element set along-side this challenge)
      • 3. Earth Character Requirement (removed element set along-side this challenge)
      • 4. Wind Character Requirement (removed element set along-side this challenge)
      • 5. Water Set Requirement (newly added, requires player to use a full water set, weapon, accessory and magic)
      • 6. Fire Set Requirement (newly added, requires player to use a full fire set, weapon, accessory and magic)
      • 7. Earth Set Requirement (newly added, requires player to use a full earth set, weapon, accessory and magic)
      • 8. Wind Set Requirement (newly added, requires player to use a full fire set, weapon, accessory and magic)
      • 9. Sword Requirement
      • 10. Boots Requirement
      • 11. Axe Requirement
      • 12. Level 9 Set requirement
      • 13. Level 10 Set requirement
      • 14. Level 8 Set Requirement
      • 15. Character Requirement: Avatar
      • 16. Staff Requirement
      • 17. Bow Requirement
      • 18. Pendant Requirement
      • 19. Armor Requirement
      • 20. Shield Requirement
      • 21. Anything Goes (No requirement, rates always applied)
Misc. for DCS
  • DCS will now update every 1 hour instead of 2 hours.
    • This was changed due to the stagnant nature of some of the challenges, allowing the server to rotate challenges quicker and players to switch through different challenges.
  • The removal of GP from DCS #1 was changed due to the strict nature of DCS. We want players who are not specifically targeting Guild War to still be able to enjoy the game.
  • The increase of GP for DCS #2 was changed to balance out the removal of GP from DCS #1. DCS #2 is also more strict with it's challenges and allows guilds to show off their skills in different environments.

Tournament Mode

  • Tournament mode is currently the most popular mode, but the mode can be slow and punishing when playing with newer players.
    • EXP, Code rates have been decreased by -15%.
    • Element rates have been decreased by -50%.

Teamplay Mode

  • We know this mode is currently slightly broken and will be working to fix it. Teamplay is the easiest mode for players to enter the game and enjoy in a team environment.
    • EXP, Code rates have been increased by +20%.

Mission Mode

  • Mission Mode has been left out recently due to the changes with DCS. We understand there is a portion of our player-base that enjoys Mission and we want to bring back it's viability.
    • EXP, Code rates increased by +20%.
    • Element rates increased by +40%.
    • Guild Point rates increased by +11%.

Misc. Rate Changes

  • Due to the rate decreases amongst Tournament and DCS, we are bringing up base rates.
    • EXP, Code & Element Rates increased by +10% server-wide.

v3 Client Adoption

  • v3 Client rates have been increased from +15% to +25%.
  • v131 Client rates have been decreased by -15%.

Technical Notes

  • We are testing some new code to adjust the system where rooms are opened and closed. We hope this will mitigate some of the 'clock of death' issues and lag related issues.

Patch v326.7


This patch is live as of July 26.

v3 Client & v1.3.1 Client Rates

  • v3 Client increased by 5%.

Prime Rate

  • 9:00AM - 2:00PM GMT-4 time moved to 8:00AM - 1:00PM GMT-4.

Bug Fixes

  • SS"E" Card will not crash cards without a second skill

Patch v326.6


This patch is live as of July 15.

New v3 Client

  • The new client is available as a public test beta here: https://www.spgenerations.com/?page=download
  • Playing with the new client provides a 10% increase in server rates over the old client
    • This is subject to change after the test period

Patch v326.5


This patch is live as of June 28, 9:00PM

Guild Points

  • Due to players able to obtain 400,000 (the soft cap for guild points), we have increased the soft cap to 800,000.

Patch v326.3


This patch is live as of June 21, 7:15PM UTC-4.

User Shop

  • Fees for User Shop increased:
    • Verified Players: 8.5% -> 10%
    • Premium Players: 5.5% -> 6.5%
  • Minimum 2nd Skill Activation to add to the User Shop for Equipment Changed: 28% -> 30%

New Limitations for new Users

  • Due to some users exploiting the server and botting, we were required to make changes for new users. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • User Shop: In order to add a card to the User Shop, users must have at least 3 days of DMS completed on their account. Certain cards have further limitations:
    • Pet Cards: 7+ DMS Completions
    • Equipment Cards: 7+ DMS Completions
    • Gold Force Cards: 7+ DMS Completions
  • As a verified user, your DMS completions will be the amount of cards you can list at any given time, up to the current maximum (20).
    • For example, if you have completed 5 DMS days, you will be allowed to list up to 5 cards.

Duel Mode

  • Player must be verified to play Duel mode.

Technical Changes

  • Further background related changes to detecting botting and banning accounts/IPs.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Clock of death issue when creating rooms.
  • Fixed: Stuck on joining channel (2 of the possible causes, we're still watching this)

Patch v326.2


This patch is live as of June 18, 12:52PM UTC-4.


  • Increase completion speed of DMS while playing PVP rooms by +20%
  • Reduce completion speed of DMS while playing Quest Modes by +30% for regular players (non-VIP/non-Premium)
  • Increase completion speed of DMS while playing Quest Modes by +15% for Premium Players

Survival Mode

  • Due to excessive botting/swapping from new players, we have made internal changes to detect this behavior and disallow it. Please continue reporting them as we will continue banning accounts and IPs related.
  • @room password command disabled for Survival Rooms.


  • Adjust "queue" system timing for data to increase server stability.

Patch v326.1


This patch is live as of June 14, 5:00PM UTC-4.


  • Changed DCS refresh time from 1 hour intervals to 3 hour intervals as requested by players.

Technical Changes

  • Server now handles data in a "queue" system. This may introduce slightly slower times between actions such as opening a room, joining a room, leaving a room, etc.
    • This queue system should better handle issues relating to "clock of death" and/or buffering issues where users were previously frozen in game
  • Player achievements such as Premium Status, rebirths, etc. only shows in the room lobby, not when the game is active

Bug Fixes

  • DCS: Level 10 Challenge not applying rates correctly
  • Fixed: Sometimes, when clicking on a user's profile, the player viewing the player's profile may disconnect/clock of death.
  • Fixed: Server disconnecting players after a server restart.
  • Fixed: Server version (v326.1) was not updating on the Channel Select screen.
  • Fixed: Selling Gold Force cards in the Card Shop causing a disconnect.

Patch v326.0

This one is a major patch. This patch includes backend changes for the migration and support of the new v3 client to be released.


This patch is live as of June 10, 4:59PM UTC-4.

New Commands: Card Management

As requested by many players and through the many tickets, we have now added functionality to split and combine card stacks for Skill Cards and Trade Credits.

  • @me combine <card-name> <untradable>
    • Example: @me combine sk1 y
      • This will combine all Skill 1 Cards in the player's inventory that are marked "untradable".
  • @me split <card-name> <amt>
    • Example: @me split enchant 10
      • This will split a stack of Enchantment Skill Cards into a separate stack of 10.
  • Card Names
    • sk1 - Skill 1
    • sk2 - Skill 2
    • sk1-1 - Skill 1-1
    • sk2-1 - Skill 2-1
    • sk2-2 - Skill 2-2
    • lvl10 - Level 10/11 Fusion
    • trade-credit - Trade Credits
    • enchant - Enchantment Fusion

Accolades upon Joining a Room

We have lots of veteran players, players whom have achieved a lot during their play time at SPGENS. Now, when you join a room, those accolades will be shown.

  • Joining a room now shows the following info:
    • Account Age
    • Rebirths
    • Premium Status & Tier

Rate Balancing

  • Tournament Mode EXP/Code rates increased by 50%.
    • Since we removed modes from DCS, this was highly requested as Tournament is one of the most popular modes.
  • EXP & Code increased overall by 15% for ALL modes.

PVP Specific Rates

  • Defeating unverified players in PVP will now only yield 5% of EXP & Code & 10% of Elements (of total).
    • This change was due to increased swapping on the server. We are unable to constantly police players who are doing this, but the reduced rates will ensure their unfair play will not be rewarded. We will make our best efforts to verify new players on a daily basis.
  • If you belong to a guild and the player you defeated does not, rates will be reduced: 50% EXP & Code, 80% Elements (of total).
  • If you belong to a guild and are participating in PVP, EXP, Code & Element rates will increase by 5%.
  • If you belong to a guild and the player you defeat is in a guild, further increases to rates by 8%.

Mission 300 Specific Rates

  • Increase Mission 300 Rates by 15%.


  • Removed modes from DCS, maps are only available for DCS #1.
  • DCS now updates every hour instead of every 8 hours.

User Shop Changes

Limitations have changed due to the ever more prevalent selling of code between players. Limitations for User Shop have been updated.


  • User Shop requires players to be verified and of greater level than Moon 1 (Level 21) in order to add cards to the User Shop.
  • The amount of cards listed at any given time (referred to as "slots") is determined by your account status.
    • Players with Premium Subscriptions have additional benefits.
    • Additional benefits are increased slots and lower fees for using User Shop.
  • Equipment cards must have a 28% or higher second skill activation in order to be sold on the User Shop
  • Equipment cards must be level 7 or higher in order to be sold on the User Shop
  • User Shop cards are listed for 48 hours.

Player Level Limitations

For players under level 28, there is a limit to how much code an item can be listed for on the User Shop:

  • Level 21: 50,000,000 Code
  • Level 22: 60,000,000 Code
  • Level 23: 80,000,000 Code
  • Level 24: 100,000,000 Code
  • Level 25: 200,000,000 Code
  • Level 26: 800,000,000 Code
  • Level 27: 2,000,000,000 Code
  • Level 28+: Unlimited

Loot Crates

We have changed the drop table:

  • 1,000 Cash: 10% -> 8%
  • 25,000 Random Elements: 9.5% -> 11%
  • Level 10/11 Fusion: 2% -> 2.5%

Bug Fixes & Technical Fixes

  • Bug fix with internal systems for Premium bonuses causing instability and server halts
  • Server is ready for v3 client communication, 1.3.1 is backwards compatible
  • Additional record systems for card combining, splitting, Fusions, and Loot Crates were added