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Account Status & Settings

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Account Limitations

Primary and Alternate Accounts

Primary accounts allow the specific account to access all features within the game. Alternate accounts can be used to complete DMS on a secondary account, as well as store extra cards.

  • Guild System:
    • Primary accounts will have access to 100% of Guild Point earnings.
    • Primary accounts can participate in the Guild Accolade system, earning points for any of the 4 accolades
    • Primary accounts can receive end of the week guild rewards based on guild placement.
    • Primary accounts can receive trophy rewards redeemed by guild leaders.
    • Primary accounts can participate in the Guild Accolade system, earning points for any of the 4 accolades
      • Alternate/Non-Primary accounts will only earn 10% of Guild Point earnings.
  • Rewards
    • Primary accounts can earn Micro Credits, an intermediate currency that can be spent for other currency types.

Primary accounts can be set once every 14 days. Alternate accounts will have a "lock" on their accounts, disabling the ability to set as primary until the 14 day session is cleared.

User Shop

  • If your account is set to primary and is above level 21, you can list items up to any price in the User Shop.
  • If your account is set to non-primary, your account can only list items up to 500,000,000 code in the User Shop.

Account Features

Element Preference, A Way for Players to Choose Elements

In this patch, players will have an @account command to set their preferred element type.

When setting your preferred element type, the following effects will occur:

  • The element type you picked will drop at a 50% drop rate
  • The other 3 elements will drop at a 16.66% drop rate
  • The amount of elements will be reduced by -30% compared to this setting being disabled
    • Premium users will have a lower element amount reduction:
      • Premium Bronze-Platinum: -26%
      • Premium Diamond-Master: -24%
      • Premium Ultra: -20%
    • Elemental Bonus Card will also reduce the 'element amount reduction percentage' by 7%.
    • Example as Premium Diamond with Elemental Bonus Card: (-24% + 7%) = -20% reduction in element amount


  • @account elementpref <water/fire/earth/wind/none>

Account Commands

Users can use the @account command to access account settings. These must be executed in the lobby.

  • @account
    • Displays all account related commands.
  • @account primary
    • Sets the account as the primary account.
  • @account info
    • Displays account information and settings.
  • @account fuse-non-tradable
    • Prioritizes usage of NON-TRADABLE/UNTRADABLE Skill Fusion cards when fusing. This will refresh your inventory and 'scramble' the inventory due to the server forcibly refreshing your inventory.
  • @account elementpref <water/fire/earth/wind/none>
    • Sets your element preference.