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V328.xx - Patch Notes

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Patch v328.5


This patch will go live March 6, 2022.

Guild Accolades

  • Guild Accolade: Guild Mission Mode - 80% GP -> 35% GP
  • Guild Accolade: Slayer Score - 40% GP -> 30% GP
  • Guild Accolade: PVP Win/Loss - 20% GP -> 15% GP
  • Guild Accolade: Monster Kill Count - 20% GP -> 15% GP

Patch v328.4


This patch is LIVE.

Boss Raid

  • Micro Credit reward for repeat Boss Raid increased from 1,200 MRC to 1,500 MRC.
  • Micro Credit reward for Full Stage (All Stages) complete increased from 10,000 MRC to 10,500 MRC.

Bug Fix

  • Fixed: Repeat Boss Raid prizes were not sent out correctly to participating players.

Patch v328.2


This patch is LIVE.

Guild Related

  • Guild Trophy Shop:
    • Level 10 Fusion Price Increase: 465 Trophies -> 555 Trophies
  • Guild Mission Mode 300:
    • On levels that end in 5, skip the level
  • Guild Slayer Score:
    • Slayer Scores for Guild cannot go below -200.
    • If a guild is at -200, slaying members of this guild will not yield points until they are above -200.
  • Kicking a player from the guild will put the kicked player in a 2 day guild-timeout for joining a guild

Bug Fix

  • Fixed: Occasionally, weekly guild rewards were counting guild member counts incorrectly.

Patch v328.2


This patch is LIVE.

Guild Accolades

  • Upon the end of Guild War, Guild Mission level will retain 50% of the level earned in the week.
    • For example, if Guild A finished at level 300, after the guild war ends, they will be set to level 150.
  • Guild Mission Mode:
    • Increased GP Rate in Guild Mission Mode by +8%.
    • Increased GP Rate in Guild Mission Mode when under level 150; regardless of S tier by +8%.

Patch v328.1


This patch is LIVE.

Micro Credit (@mrc) System

  • Micro Credits from Boss Raid are now given to non-primary but verified accounts (first completion & full completion, does not apply to repeat completions)
  • Micro Credits earned from Boss Raid (first completion & full completion) no longer apply against your Micro Credit multiplier
    • This will ensure repeat Boss Raid attempts will give the full 675 MRC.

Patch v328.0


This patch is LIVE.

Micro Credit (@mrc) System

The Micro Credit system a new currency introduced to SPGENS. This currency is designed to be a universal "reward" currency that players can swap into their desired resource.

Micro Credit will be replacing the 1 Loot Crate reward from Boss Raid and will be integrated into various reward structures over time. We plan on slowly phasing out specific rewards in favor of Micro Credits.

Please note the Micro Credit system is highly subject to change.

Ways to Earn

  • Mission 300 Level Completions: 10 MRC per Mission Level cleared plus 1 MRC per S Tier - (10mrc + (S Tier * 1))
  • Game Completions, DCS #3: 12 MRC per Game Completion, must be a valid room (70%+ Verified Players), game time must be 120 seconds or more
  • Boss Raid: 10,000 MRC after completing all 3 stages, 675 MRC per stage completion
  • Repeat Boss Raid every 4 hrs: 1,200 MRC per stage

As you play, your Micro Credit multiplier will reduce based on your earnings in a time period. This will reset at your next Visitor Bonus.

Micro Credit Store

  • Use the @mrc command to access the store and check your balance.

The Micro Credit store will have the following items/currencies available for exchange:

  • Loot Crates
  • Cash
  • GEN Coins
  • Code
  • Elements

Guild Accolades

The new Guild Accolades system is an achievement based system rewarded to guilds completing various achievements over the course of the Guild War.

In this patch, there will be 4 guild accolades guilds can compete for. Each of them will reward the guild with a multiplier towards their Guild Point score at the end of the Guild War.

The Guild Accolades will not display other guilds' progression, therefore guilds will not be able to compare their progression to other guilds. Only at the end of the Guild War will each guild know if they have won the accolade prize.

Accolade List

The 4 accolades being introduced are as follows:

1. Guild Mission 300 Mode

 - How to Score: A new mode is being introduced called "Guild Mission Mode". In this special mode, every guild will start at level 1 and compete to earn the highest mission level before the guild war is complete. 
 - How to Win: At the end of the guild war, the guild with the highest mission level in Guild Mission mode will earn the GP Multiplier for this Accolade and Guild Mission Mode will reset to level 1.
 - Qualification to compete:
   - Must be playing the Guild Mission Mode <insert pic here for button> with guild members only.
   - Only 1 room can be open at a time
   - Limited to 7 slots (1 slot open for GMs to review in case of fraudulent activity)
     - Cheating or hacking in this mode will result in an permanent ban of your account without consideration for appeal, please play fair!
 - GP Multiplier: +80%

2. Guild Slayer Score

 - How to Score: Kill other players from other guilds to earn +1 Slayer Score. If you die, your guild loses -1 Slayer Score.
 - How to Win: The guild with the highest Slayer Score will win. 
 - Qualifications:
   - Players involved (dying and killing) must both be verified and primary accounts
   - Players involved must be apart of a Top 5 guild (in the top 5 spots on the Guild Leaderboard)
   - Room must be 70% or more verified players
 - GP Multiplier: +60%

3. Guild Monster Kill Count

 - How to Score: Kill monsters in Mission 300 or Quest 5 to earn points.
 - How to Win: The guild with the highest points will win.
 - Qualifications to compete:
   - Player killing the monster must be Verified & Primary account
   - Player must be in a guild
   - Mode must be Quest 5 or Mission 300
 - GP Multiplier: +20%

4. Guild Game Win/Loss

 - How to Score: Win PVP games with your guild, for each guild member in the winning team, gain 1 point. For each guild member in a losing team, lose 1 point.
 - How to Win: The guild with the highest score will win.
 - Qualifications to compete:
   - Room must be 70% or more Verified Players
   - Per member to earn a point, they must be verified, primary account and in a guild
   - Room must be 70% or more Top 5 Guild players (players from the top 5 spots on the Guild Leaderboard)
 - GP Multiplier: +20%


1. To give an example, let's imagine the 'Progress' guild has 1,000,000 GP nearing the end of the Guild War and the 'Slow' guild has 1,700,000 GP.

2. The Guild War ends, the 'Progress' guild also has the highest Guild Mission 300 level and earns the +80% GP. The 'Slow' guild has earned the Guild Slayer Score accolade this week and earns +60% GP.

3. The 'Progerss' guild now has 1,800,000 GP (+80% from Guild Mission Accolade) and the 'Slow' guild now has 2,720,000 GP (+60% from the Slayer Score accolade). The 'Slow' guild wins.

4. All accolade scores will reset to 0 and the new Guild War begins.


  • @guild accolade - Shows your guild's current progression with Accolades via the Chat Box.

Closing thoughts

This system was something we wanted to introduce to the game for a long time. Many players spoke to us regarding a new way for Mission 300 to be a viable way to compete in Guild Wars. We also always wanted a way for guilds to compete in PVP in a competitive manner that rewarded them.

We hope you all enjoy this new system, it took us a lot of planning and work to complete but we're glad it's here!

Boss Raid


  • Prize from Boss Raid completion will be changed from 1 Loot Crate to 10,000 Micro Credits (@mrc).
  • Prize per completion of Boss Raid stage changed from Skill Cards to 675 Micro Credits.
  • Added @bossraid command in lobby to check boss raid status
  • Added @bossraid stats in room to check boss raid status

Repeat Boss Raid

  • Players can now repeat boss raid every 4 hours
  • Players will earn 1,200 Micro Credits per repeat, players can repeat all 3 Boss Raid stages
  • The Boss Raid print out/stats message when you join will show your stats regarding Boss Raid repeating

Bug Fixes

  • Bug Fix: @combine menu was not printing properly

Level 11 Cards

  • Level 11 Cards in PVE will have a 25% chance to activate and upgrade to level 11.
    • The 'upgrade to level 11' in PVE can only happen once every 3 minutes (3 minute cooldown). This only applies to the 'base 25%' chance of level 11 upgrades in PVE. Upgrading via SS"E" or Premium Event Card has no cooldown.


  • Gifts memo messages will now show what item/card you received instead of a generic 'gift' message.
  • Guild War: PVP Games lasting less than 60 seconds will not yield Guild Points.