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Daily Challenge System (DCS)

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The Daily Challenge System (DCS) is a rate multiplier system based on the player conforming to specific challenges/objectives.

  • Challenges refresh every hour.
  • There are 3 types of challenges:
    • #1: Map and Game Mode based Challenge
      • Universal challenge, all players will have the same one
      • 1.8x EXP, Code and Element Rates
    • #2: Character and Equipment Challenges
      • These are unique to the player and can be refreshed
      • 1.2x EXP, Code and Element Rates, 2.0x Guild Point Rates
      • Has two objectives and if either objective is followed, rates will apply
    • #3: Micro Credit Challenges: Modes
      • Universal challenge, all players will have the same one
      • Earn extra Micro Credits playing these modes



  • @dcs - Shows Daily Challenges
  • @dcs refresh - Refreshes DCS #2 challenges, can be used once every hour