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Rebirth System

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Rebirths allow players to reset their player level and player experience back to 51,200 EXP (Level 17). Each Rebirth provides a bonus given to players randomized between 4 different bonuses. There is a limit on rebirths depending on your account status.

Players can have up to 14 rebirth bonuses. 3 are included for every player while the 4th to 14th are provided via the Premium system. We have updated our Premium System page to reflect this.


To rebirth a player must meet this criteria:

  • Player must be verified
  • Player must have a free slot to rebirth
    • For example, if a player had 3 rebirths and was a Verified player, they would not be able to rebirth a 4th time.
  • Player must have 26,843,545,600 EXP (maximum level)


  • @me rebirth
    • Shows the rebirth menu.
  • @me rebirth activate
    • Initiates a rebirth, resetting your current experience and level and adding a Rebirth Bonus to your account.
  • @me rebirth summary
    • Shows a summary of your rebirth count and rebirth bonuses that are active.
  • @me rebirth bonuses
    • Shows a list of up to 10 rebirth bonuses that can be obtained. Shows active status and required Premium for bonuses #4 - #10.

Rebirth Erase Function

The ability to erase a rebirth bonus slot.

  • @me rebirth erase <slot #>
    • For example, if you wanted to remove the 4th bonus from your rebirths, the command would be @me rebirth erase 4
  • Per rebirth erase, the rate of EXP gained by your account will be decreased using this formula: 0.9^eraseCount (0.9 to the power of the erase count your account has)
    • For example, if you've erased 3 rebirths, your new EXP rate would be: 0.729 (0.9^3 or 0.9 x 0.9 x 0.9).
    • This rate can be checked via the @me rebirth command.
    • The lowest this rate can go is 0.15.
  • Erasing a rebirth slot will halve your current EXP.


The 4 bonuses available to rebirths are as follows:

  • +100 Cash
    • Given during completion of daily DMS
  • +1 GEN Coin
    • Given during completion of daily DMS
  • +4% Chance for Loot Crates to drop
    • Given during completion of daily DMS
  • +3% Chance to refund any Skill Fusion card upon fusing a card


  • The bonuses stack. If a player had 2 +100 Cash bonuses, upon completing DMS, they would gain +200 cash.
  • Bonuses cannot be changed nor reset. Once a rebirth is completed, the bonus is permanent.
  • Bonuses requiring Premium require the player to have an active subscription.

Rebirth Counts and Premium

Premium Status Rebirths & Bonuses Included
Verified 3
VIP (Old)
Premium Bronze 4
Premium Silver 4
Premium Gold 5
Premium Platnium 6
Premium Diamond 6
Premium Master 8
Premium Ultra 10
Premium Ultra+ 12
Premium Ultra++ 14
  • Premium is required to utilize rebirth bonuses beyond the 3rd bonus.
    • If a player has 4 rebirth bonuses but does not have an active premium subscription, the 4th bonus will not apply.


Included in this patch are updated titles for players chatting in the lobby. Players will now have their chats formatted as such:

  • [GM-Crow][*1 SILVER]: <msg>
    • The '*1' portion is to denote your current rebirth count.