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Mythic Tokens

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Mythic Tokens can be accessed using the @mt-info or @mythictoken command. Mythic Tokens can be obtained by Premium Users when completing DMS. Mythic tokens can be spent on the Mythic Token store where players can access level 12 equipment (usable in PVE and PVP).

Store Prices

  • 2 Day Mythic Equipment
    • 6 Mythic Tokens
  • 4 Day Mythic Equipment
    • 11 Mythic Tokens
  • 8 Day Mythic Equipment
    • 21 Mythic Tokens
  • 16 Day Mythic Equipment
    • 40 Mythic Tokens

All Mythics from the store are randomized.

Ways to obtain

  • Premium Players get 1 Mythic Token per DMS complete
    • Ultra+ and Ultra++ get 2 and 3 respectively
  • Completing DMS 7/7 will grant 6 Mythic Tokens