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V327.xx - Patch Notes

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Patch v327.10


This patch is live.

Quest Mode

  • Quest Mode: Reduced difficulty of monsters by 20% (2-3 levels)
    • Levels are more specific to each players' level instead of a generalized range
    • Players who are new to the server will have easier monsters for a set period of time

Bug Fixes

  • Bug Fix: Fixed all issues with Level 10/11 activation in PVE rooms
  • Bug Fix: Fixed all issues with Guild Trophy redemptions not fully sending to all players
  • Bug Fix: @combine/@split menu showing what cards can be split/combined was not showing

Patch v327.8


This patch is live.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue where Level 11 cards in Quest were changing back to Level 10 mid-game.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Clock of Death issue in rooms when players were equipping incorrect card types in equip slots.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed bug where when another player joins the room and joins, it could change the level of your 'E' cards.

Patch v327.7


This patch is live.


  • @me combine premcard - Combines premium card days
  • User Shop: Changed minimum requirements to list cards/elements
  • Increased DCS Rate for Custom Maps from 1.2 to 2.1.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed issues with Mythic Cards dropping/distributing

Patch v327.5


This patch is live.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where 'E' Magic cards' enchantments were not applying properly
  • Fixed bugs in various game-modes

Patch v327.4


This patch is live.

Bug Fixes

  • Magic Cards' second skills were not activating on the v327 patch. This has been fixed for ALL magic cards.

User Shop

  • Gold Force Cards can now be added to the User Shop
    • Gold Force Cards have their own separate fee on the User Shop
      • 9.5% for Verified Users
      • 7.5% for Premium Users


  • Verification starter pack for new players has been changed; added more items to allow new players to transition more easily into the game

Patch v327.1 (Hot Fix)


This patch is deployed as of November 15.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Level 10 cards that were not enchanted were not transforming to level 10
    • Fixed: All existing level 10 cards will now have an enchant added to them
  • Fixed: Buying elements on User Shop caused a disconnect
  • Fixed: @account spcard or @spcard toggle were not actually disabling SP Card distribution
  • Fixed: 'E' Magic was not applying +2% activation if SS'E' was already applying +2% activation. Both can now be applied for a total of +4% on 2nd skill activation.

Hot Fix 2

  • Fixed: 'E' Magic Cards were adding 2% cumulatively to cards, causing them to go over 100% and become an 'error'


  • Gold Force cards can be bought from the Card Shop again.

Patch v327.0


This patch is scheduled to deploy on November 14, 2021.


Welcome to our v327 patch notes page! In this patch, our focus is the economy in SPGENS. We have noticed over the past several months that the economy has become stagnant due to an over-abundance of resources as well as a lack of utility of these resources. We are looking to address some of these issues with the in-game economy as well as change the in-game meta for SPGENS' 5th year of operation.

'E' Magic Cards

  • 'E' Magic Cards are now available to fuse.
    • These cards will improve the existing magic cards benefits by:
      • Adding an additional +2% activation to both skills
      • 'E' Magic cards are enchantable
    • To upgrade your Magic Card, use the Level 10 Fusion card to fuse
    • The process to obtain an 'E' magic card is the exact same process as a level 10 card
    • The requirements are the same as a level 10 card

Trading & User Shop

User Shop Changes

These are all the changes in this patch affecting User Shop.

  • We are now adding two categories to User Shop fees:
    • Consumable Cards (Gold Force, Skill Cards, Super-Silvers, Pets, etc.)
    • Equipment Cards (Weapon, Accessories & Magic Cards)

Each of these categories of cards will have their own independent User Shop fees:

  • Fees for previous server version (v326): 10.5% for Verified Users, 6.5% for Premium Users
  • Consumable Cards: 10.5% -> 7.5% for Verified Users, 6.5% -> 4.75% for Premium Users
  • Equipment Cards: 10.5% -> 15% for Verified Users, 6.5% -> 9.75% for Premium Users
  • User Shop: Maximum code price for elements increased:
    • 15,000,000 code -> 20,000,000 code

Trade Changes

These are all the changes in this patch affecting trading.

  • Code trade fee reduced.
    • 33% -> 25%.
  • Trading level restriction changed:
    • Level 19 (Star 3) -> Level 24 (Moon King)
  • Equipment Cards above 30% will no longer be tradable or be added to the User Shop

Final Remarks

The biggest change here that most players will be affected by will most likely be the equipment restriction. This decision was not taken lightly and was debated continuously internally. We ultimately came to this decision as it was viewed best for the in-game economy to transition from a 'product' based economy to a 'consumables' based economy. This direction will be healthier for the economy and assist new players in being competitive in the game.

With all this being said, we do believe trading equipment is a core component in the game. In the future, we will be running a new event called the "Free Market" event. This event will be part of our continuous rotation of events (like Hot Time and Fusion Mania). During the "Free Market" event, players will be able to trade without fees and without restrictions on second skill activation. These events are a period where players can exchange their hard-earned equipment and code without any form of restriction currently present. Our first Free Market event will be happening during our 4th anniversary events.

Code Shop

  • Code Shop prices have increased:
    • All items in the code shop increased by 2x.
  • Code Shop items will be generated more cards:
    • All items in the code shop will generate 1.5x more quantity compared to before.
  • Code Shop will generate more frequently
    • Changed from 480 minutes -> 240 minutes per refresh of the Code Shop

Card Fusion

Scaling Costs for Skill 2-2

Skill 2-2 is arguably the most important and popular fusion in Survival Project. As part of our goal to reinvigorate the economy, we have change the cost system for Skill 2-2 to be more friendly to beginners and more challenging for veterans. The cost of fusion for 2-2's will now be dependent on the existing 2nd skill activation.

Percentage (starting from) Element Cost Code Cost
25% or Less 300 100,000
26% - 28% 500 150,000
29% - 30% 1,000 200,00
31% - 33% 3,000 500,000
34% - 35% 8,000 2,000,000
36% 10,000 10,000,000
37% 15,000 12,500,000
38% 20,000 15,000,000
39% 30,000 25,000,000

Revised Fusion Costs

  • Skill 1 Fusion
    • 1,500 Elements -> 1,000 Elements (of the card you are fusing) & 2,000,000 Code per Fusion
  • Skill 2 Fusion
    • 1,500 Elements -> 1,000 Elements (of the card you are fusing) & 2,000,000 Code per Fusion
  • Skill 1-1 Fusion:
    • 10,000 Elements -> 3,000 Elements (of the card you are fusing) & 7,500,000 Code per Fusion
  • Skill 2-1 Fusion:
    • 10,000 Elements -> 5,000 Elements (of the card you are fusing) & 10,500,000 Code per Fusion
  • Level 10 Fusion:
    • 80,000 Elements & 200,000,000 Code Elements -> 150,000 Elements (of the card you are fusing) & 300,000,000 Code per Fusion
  • Level 11 Fusion:
    • 100,000 Elements & 250,000,000 Code Elements -> 250,000 Elements (of the card you are fusing) & 500,000,000 Code per Fusion
  • Enchant Fusion:
    • 2,500 Elements & 2,000,000 Code -> 4,000 Elements (of the card you are fusing) & 3,000,000 Code per Fusion



  • Guild boosters: Price increased
    • GP Booster: 150,000,000 Code -> 450,000,000 Code
    • EXP, Code Booster: 100,000,000 Code -> 500,000,000 Code
    • Element Booster: 100,000,000 Code (unchanged)

Guild Rewards: Prize Pool System

Currently, our guild system provides prizes based on two factors:

  • Your guild's rank at the end of the guild war
  • Your guild point contribution percentage to your guild

Based on these factors, a prize is selected for you.

Our new system changes the prizes from a set prize to a pool of prizes for your whole guild.

The Prize Pool

Each rank in the Guild War will have a prize pool:

  • Rank 1: 200 Loot Crates, 800 GEN Coins
  • Rank 2: 120 Loot Crates, 600 GEN Coins
  • Rank 3: 80 Loot Crates, 400 GEN Coins, 60,000 Cash
  • Rank 4: 40 Loot Crates, 200 GEN Coins, 40,000 Cash
  • Rank 5: 20 Loot Crates, 20,000 Cash

The prize pool is divided by the amount of players in the guild by the end of the guild war and distributed to the guild's members.


Here is an example of how the prizes would be calculated for our example guild Alpha.

Alpha has 20 players in the Guild. At the end of this week, they are 2nd place in the Guild War.

Alpha's members will receive the following:

  • 6 Loot Crates (120 Loot Crates divided by 20 players), 30 GEN Coins (600 GEN Coins divided by 20 players)
  • Players must contribute at least 3% of the week's Guild Points to receive rewards.
  • Player accounts must be the main/primary account to receive rewards.
  • Prizes calculated from the prize pool will always round down
  • Prizes calculated from the prize pool will never divide the pool by less than 10 members
  • Will there still be a minimum GP contribution to receive a prize?
    • Yes. The minimum GP contribution percentage to receive the prize is 3%.
  • Will there still be tiered prizes for GP contribution percentage?
    • No. We will be removing the two tier system of prizes all-together in favor of the prize pool.
  • If a player does not meet minimum GP contribution, do they still divide up the prize pool?
    • Yes. If they are in the guild, they will divide up the prize pool.
    • For example, if the Alpha guild had 20 players, but only 18 qualified for the prizes, the pool would still be divided by 20.
  • What is your intention with this change?
    • Our intention with this change is to encourage guilds to be more competitive and encourage guilds to have a strategy for their guild recruitment.
    • We are also looking to make guilds a little smaller than they currently are to allow more competitive at for each of the ranks.
  • Will the prize table change?
    • It most likely will as we re-evaluate how the prizes are being distributed over the next coming weeks.

Guild Rewards: Trophy System

  • Trophy prizes will no longer give rewards to players who accounts are not 'main' or 'primary'.
  • Trophy Rewards Changed:
    • 1st Place: 100 Trophies -> 150 Trophies
    • 2nd Place: 70 Trophies -> 100 Trophies
    • 3rd Place: 60 Trophies -> 65 Trophies


  • Gifting will now cost 10,000,000 code per gift.

Boss Raid

  • Boss Raid will not be available between 12:00am to 12:20am.
    • We have noticed that sometimes players are unable to login after the day resets (when players are relogging in to receive their visitor bonus).
    • Because of this, we have added a 30 minute 20 minute delay from the reset time (12:00am) for all players to login and settle in.

We are also aware currently how important Boss Raid rewards are to players. Changes will be continually made to Boss Raid to ensure all players can receive their daily rewards and are not excluded due to time differences.

Quality of Life Updates

  • @spcard toggle OR @account spcard - Command to enable or disable SP cards entirely so they do not generate upon visitor bonus.
  • @enchantment - Now more specific with each card's information

What’s Next: v327.01 and beyond, v328 - December 2021-January 2022

Moving forward, every major patch will contain an excerpt like this to keep everyone up-to-date on what's going on next at SPGENS.

  • Boss Raid:
    • We are possibly planning to allow players to do multiple runs of Boss Raid and still receive rewards.
  • Game Modes:
    • We are planning on introducing at least 1 mode back to the game by v328. This could be one of the enjoy modes, or one of the PVP modes such as Symbol.
    • Additional maps, especially custom maps seem to be enjoyed. We may consider adding a custom 'rotating' game mode with custom maps, cards, etc. to the game.
  • Balancing:
    • Additional PVP styles and modes will also be coming in this patch. We will most likely be testing these during event periods to evaluate player feedback.
  • Rewards
    • Additional reward structure is being planned to facilitate our goal of custom game modes and existing game modes that don't necessarily fit into the 'meta'.
  • Mission Rewards
    • We recognize that Mission 300 is a very important mode for many players. We will be adding progressive rewards to this mode soon.
    • We are also looking into incorporating Mission 300 into the guild war system in a new and unique way. Stay tuned for more news on this.