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Patch v318 - Challenge System & more!

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Hi, we're back!

In this patch, we went to target the current "meta game" of the server. Though we cannot balance equipment stats and skill rates, we can balance the rates at which players earn rewards. With this in mind, this patch is our first attempt to create a more dynamic meta through the introduction of daily challenges that affect different aspects of the game. We hope players will find this refreshing.

Future Patch Work

We have been experimenting with different kinds of tweaks to the game in the last bit. Future patches may include a level 11 system & diversified maps (using other maps from other modes) for PVP and other purposes to create fun custom modes.

Release Date

Official release date for this patch is August 23, 2019 @ 11:00PM - Eastern Daylight Time

Daily Challenge System 1.0

The Daily Challenge System will randomly choose 3 challenges per day, reset at 12:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time.

There are two types of challenges within the DCS. The "general rate" challenge and the "guild war" challenge. The challenges are universal to all players on the server.

Daily Challenges can be seen by joining or creating a room.

Lastly, DCS will see further development as we watch the system and the feedback we get from the community. We hope to add interesting challenges to the mix.

General Rate Challenge

  • Statically set to 2x rates
    • DMS Completion (Cash) Speed
    • EXP Rates
    • Code Rates
    • 1 challenge generated per day

Guild War Challenge

  • Statically set to 2.5x rates
    • Guild Point Rate
    • 2 challenges generated per day
    • Since 2 challenges are generated, rates will stack. If you can play with both challenges met, the rate will be 5x.

Challenges List

  • General Rate Challenges
    • Map Requirement: Ice Cave
    • Map Requirement: Woods
    • Map Requirement: Pirate Ship
    • Map Requirement: Village
    • Map Requirement: Lava Valley
    • Map Requirement: Wind Sanctuary
    • Map Requirement: Sanctuary of Dragon
    • Element Equips & Character Requirement: Water
    • Element Equips & Character Requirement: Fire
    • Element Equips & Character Requirement: Earth
    • Element Equips & Character Requirement: Wind
  • Guild War Challenges
    • Level Set (Equips) Requirement: Level 7 Set
    • Level Set (Equips) Requirement: Level 8 Set
    • Level Set (Equips) Requirement: Level 9 Set
    • Weapon Requirement: Sword
    • Weapon Requirement: Axe
    • Weapon Requirement: Staff
    • Weapon Requirement: Bow
    • Character Requirement: Xyroh
    • Character Requirement: Shamoo
    • Character Requirement: Sven
    • Character Requirement: Cream
    • Character Requirement: Roland
    • Character Requirement: Aurelli
    • Character Requirement: Hawk
    • Character Requirement: Hazel
    • Character Requirement: Cara
    • Character Requirement: Warren
    • Character Requirement: Lucy
    • Character Requirement: Will
    • Character Requirement: Avatar

Economy Changes

GEN Coin Store

  • @gc-redeem 15 - 1x Level 10 Fusion (Untradable), 660 GEN Coins.

Guild Trophy Shop

  • @guild trophy 10 - 1x Level 10 Fusion (Untradable), 6,300 Trophies.


  • Trade Fee for code reduced from 50% -> 33%.

Code Shop

  • Must be verified to use.


Skill Card 1 & 2

  • Reduce cost of elements per usage from 3,000 -> 1,500.

Rate Changes

  • EXP & Code Rates reduced by 8% compared to the previous patch.
  • Boss Raid DMS rates increased by 30% compared to the previous patch.
  • Teamplay Rates increased by 33% compared to the previous patch.
  • Assault Gamemode rates increased to 22% compared to Teamplay rates.
  • Guild GP rate has been reduced by 33%.

Mode of the Day

  • Completely removed in favor of the challenge system. We may reincorporate gamemodes to the challenge system.
  • All rate increases have been removed.

Technical Changes

Bugs Fixed

  • Level Fusion & Skill Fusion (both regular) previously had issues causing disconnects and potentially banning players through our anti-cheat system. This issue has been resolved.