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December 2021 Server Migration

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All events posted are in GMT-4 time.

You can check the server time in-game, on our game client, our website, or on time.is/GMT-4.


Hi everyone!

As most have heard (and probably felt), the current server in Asia was having problems, especially for players in Korea. We measured a ping increase from 120ms to 400ms+ causing the game to basically be unplayable. Because of this, we were forced to rush a migration of the servers to a different location. Our new location and hardware has a much more stable connection and network routing globally.

Some players in Korea may feel a slight increase in ping (20-40ms ping) while players in most other regions should feel a decrease in latency by 10-100ms ping due to the robustness of the network we are on.

Additionally, we have worked with our host to increase computational performance on our servers and we hope this increases the server's performance overall.

Temporary Bridge Servers

Currently, we have shut down all access to the lobby server in Asia. When you log in with the older client (Build 29 or less), you will be able to connect to the new servers via the bridge.

The bridge will be shut down on January 2. Please update your client to continue accessing SPGENS servers.

What next?

If you are currently using the SPGENS v3 Client, version 29 or less, you will require an update to the newest client.

Updating via Client

Press the "check updates" button and let the client complete the update.

Restart the client and you should be on Build 30.

Updating via Downloads

Head to our downloads page to download our latest client (Build 30).

Install it and override your files, or install to a new directory. A shortcut should be created on your desktop for the new client.

Verify you are using the Build 30 client.


DMS Bonuses

Event Period

December 29, 2021 - January 5, 2022

Event Details

  • Daily Completion Rewards:
    • 3 GEN Coins
    • 10,000 Random Elements

Hot Time

Event Period

January 1, 2021

Event Details

  • During this time, rates will be increased by 2.0x server wide.

Mythic Cards Event

We are replacing the Hockey Event due to technical difficulties with the mode and extending the Mythic Items event.

Event Period

December 29, 2021 - January 5, 2022

Event Details

As winter is rolling in, take a break from PVP and PVE modes with Hockey Mode and earn some unique prizes!

  • Complete Boss Raid: Flame
    • 1x "Mythic" Weapon, 1 Day - Expires (disappears) the next day
      • Element: Fire/Water/Wind/Earth
      • Equip Type: Sword or Axe
      • Level: 12
      • Skill 1: Attack Time (3L) or Damage (5L)
      • Skill 2: None