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Guild Mark Design Contest

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Contest Details

Hi everyone! We are looking to add more guild mark designs to SPGENS. We are running this contest to allow our community to enter their own designs.

The contest will run from:

  • March 14, 2023 - April 14, 2023

How to Enter & Submit

You can follow this URL to our Google Sheets design document to duplicate the sheet on your own Google account, or download the .XLSX or .ODS file format to edit on Microsoft Excel or Open Office.

File submissions must be submitted as .ODS, or .XLSX.

You can submit your entry on Discord, in the #guild-mark-contest channel.

You can only submit up to 3 entries.

How to Design

Using the design document provided, highlight the cells you want to have color. The color is randomized by our game, you are only filling out "light and dark" spots.

An example is provided on the 2nd tab:

Selecting Winners & Prizes

The SPGENS staff team will select the top 3 entries.


  • Participation Prize (All Entries)
    • Entry must be deemed a sufficient 'entry' by staff.
    • 1 Ultra Crate
  • Winner's Prize (3 Available)
    • 6 Months Premium Subscription
    • 1 Gold Bundle ($25)