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Game Modes

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Battle Modes

Big Battle Mode

Mission Mode

Enjoy Mode

Training Mode

Quest Mode

Dungeon Quest

Dungeon Quest I (Skeleton)

Dungeon Quest II (Skeleton)

Dungeon Quest III (Golem)

Dungeon Quest IV (Gargoyle)

Dungeon Quest V (Balrog)

Flame Quest

Flame Quest I (Hell Hounds)

Flame Quest II (Magma Bombers)

Flame Quest III (Cerberus)

Flame Quest IV (Efreet)

Flame Quest V (Dragon)


Forest Quest I (Goblins)

Forest Quest II (Orcs)

Forest Quest III (Berserker)

Forest Quest IV (Cyclops)

Forest Quest V (Fairy)

Mission Impossible 300

Boss Raid

Defeat up to 3 bosses daily and receive prizes. Event is time based and is usually hosted over a duration of time.

How to Open a Boss Raid Room

Boss Raid rooms can only be opened during the event period. If the event is not running, attempting to open this room will result in an error.

To open a boss raid room during the event, follow these events:


Per boss completed, receive one of the following prizes:

  • 35% - 2x Skill 1 Card
  • 35% - 2x Skill 2 Card
  • 10% - 1x Loot Crate
  • 11% - 1x Chaos Level Fusion Card
  • 3% - Skill 1-1
  • 3% - Skill 2-1
  • 3% - Skill 2-2

If you complete all 3 bosses for the day, receive one of the following prizes:

  • 50% 5x GEN Coin
  • 50% 1x Loot Crate

Boss Raids can be done once per day, rewards are given on the following day's Visitor Bonus.