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Daily Mission System

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Daily Mission System

The Daily Mission System (hereby abbreviated as DMS) is a system for players to earn rewards by playing the game on a daily basis. To access DMS, use the @dms command in the channel lobby or FRIEND/GUILD chat in rooms.

How it works

Everyday during visitor bonus (resets at 12AM EST/EDT), DMS will reset. DMS is completed by defeating players or monsters in different modes. As you defeat them, cash is earned per kill. When you hit the cap (shown via the @dms command), you will earn a larger prize and a DMS completion marked for that day.

On Sundays at 12:00AM, prizes are sent out for DMS completions. There are three tiers, 5/7 days completed, 6/7 and 7/7.


There are several events regarding DMS:

  • DMS Rate
    • Increased DMS Cash Cap for players & GEN Coins for Premium Players
  • DMS Completion Speed
    • Increased speed to earn Cash to complete DMS for the day
    • Usually used during server downtimes
  • DMS Loot Crate Event

Daily Prizes

The default cash cap for DMS is 300 cash per day. This can be increased via the Premium System.

Experience is also provided upon completion of DMS, which can viewed here.

Guild Reward

  • If you are in a guild, 200,000 GP will be rewarded to your guild per daily completion of DMS.
  • An additional 10,000,000 Guild Bank Code will be added to your guild per daily completion of DMS.

Guild Point rates are affected by the Premium System, which adds a multiplier to how much GP is earned.

Prize Table

These prizes are given upon your completion of daily DMS.

Drop Chance Item / Card
6% 1x Skill 1-1 Fusion Card
3% 1x Skill 2-1 Fusion Card
3% 1x Skill 2-2 Fusion Card
20% 1x Skill 1 Fusion Card
20% 1x Skill 2 Fusion Card
12% Chaos Level Fusion
18% 25,000,000 Code
18% 12,000 Random Elements

Micro Credits

  • Per daily completion, earn 2,500 Micro Credits (@mrc)

Weekly Prizes

When a player completes at least 5 of the 7 days of DMS, they are eligible for the weekly prize. Weekly prizes are sent on Sundays of the week, at 12:00AM EST/EDT.

Guild Reward

Per tier, Guild Points will be awarded to the player's guild upon the start of next week's guild war.

Guild Point rates are affected by the Premium System, which adds a multiplier to how much GP is earned.

Prize Table

This is the prize table:

Tier (Completions) Cards Loot Crates GEN Coins Base Guild Points
5/7 Days Completed N/A 1x Loot Crates. N/A 50,000 GP
6/7 Days Completed 1x Loot Crates. N/A 75,000 GP
7/7 Days Completed 2x Loot Crates. 15 GEN Coins 150,000 GP

DMS Hourly System

  • Per hour of server time (1PM to 2PM for example), players who complete these following objectives will receive a reward:
    • Objective #1: Complete 15 or more PVP games.
    • Objective #2: Defeat 10 or more players in PVP games.

Complete both objectives within the hour to obtain a reward.

To access information regarding this system, use the following command:

  • @dms hourly


  • Player must be verified.
  • Number of players in the room exceeds 4 players.
  • More than half of the players in the room are verified
  • The room does not include more than 2 players per IP address
  • Room must NOT have a password
  • Room maximum size/slots must be 6 or greater


  • 100 Cash @ 20% Chance
  • 1x Skill 1 Card (Untradable) @ 20% Chance
  • 1x Skill 2 Card (Untradable) @ 20% Chance
  • 50 Avatar Coins @ 15% Chance
  • 1 GEN Coin @ 5% Chance
  • 1x Loot Crate @ 5% Chance
  • 1x Skill 1-1 @ 5% Chance
  • 1x Skill 2-1 @ 5% Chance
  • 1x Skill 2-2 @ 5% Chance