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Patch v317 - Fusion Update, GEN Coin Store & Code Shop

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Hi everyone,

These are the official patch notes for patch v316. Dated July 23, 2019.

In this patch, we target the main issues of "rng" regarding fusions and make adjustments to better play experience. There have also been some minor requests about altering pricing for Level 10 Fusion which have made it to this patch. Finally, we are doing a trial run of Level 10 Fusion as a GEN Coin option for a limited time; this may be removed without notice.

Following patches will target guild war mechanics and additional updates to improve new player experiences.

Release Date

Official release date for this patch is July 23, 2019 @ 11:00PM - Eastern Daylight Time

Fusion Changes

For full details on how the guarantee systems have been implemented, please read our new page Card Fusions - How they work.

Skill 2-2

  • Skill 2-2 now has a "guarantee" system implemented to ensure it is not completely random every time you fuse.
  • Skill 2-2 will no longer drop the percentage.

Skill 1-1, Skill 1 & Regular Skill Fusion

  • Difficulty of reaching "max skills" has been reduced by 30% overall.
  • Guarantee system implemented for Skill 1-1.

Skill 2-1, Skill 2 & Regular Skill Fusion

  • Difficulty of reaching "max skills" has been reduced by 20% overall.
  • Guarantee system implemented for Skill 2-1.

Economy Changes

GEN Coin Store

  • Removed: 5x 2-2 (Untradable)
  • Level 10 Fusion Added (@gc-redeem 15)
    • Price: 340 GEN Coins
    • May only be available for a limited time; could be removed without notice


  • Code limit per day of 650,000,000 increased.
    • 650,000,000 per day -> 850,000,000 per day

Code Shop

  • Level 10 Fusion Card price decreased.
    • 18,225,000,000 Code -> 13,500,000,000 Code
    • Now untradable

Guild Siege Changes

GP Rates

  • Guild GP Catch rate increased.
    • 35% -> 60% per rank below rank #1

New player QoL

Verify Bonus

  • Verify bonus will now give extra slots.
    • Increased from 6 slots -> 12 slots.

Technical Changes

Server-side Code

  • Bug Fix: Removed the possibility of Boss Raid DMS bug ever occurring again. DMS will cap at 8 completions maximum at a time.