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V324.x Patch Notes

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Patch v324.0


  • Fight Club has been fixed and implemented into the server.
    • Please note rates are still being balanced. Please provide feedback via Discord on rates compared to Tournament and Teamplay.
  • Debuff Free PVP is now available (as an event mode for now) via the Infinity Survival mode button.
    • Please note rates are lower for this mode compared to standard teamplay.
    • Debuff free PVP will remove second skills temporarily from Magic, Weapon and Accessory cards.
  • Crystal Capture rates have been tuned to be closer to current rates for Teamplay & Tournament
  • Gain Symbol rates have been tuned to be closed to current rates for Teamplay & Tournament
    • Please report rates for these modes on Discord as well.

DCS (Daily Challenge System) for Guild War

  • Challenges Added:
    • Gain Symbol Mode
    • Fight Club Mode
    • Crystal Capture Mode
    • Level 10 Weapon & Accessory Equipped
  • Challenges Removed:
    • Dragon Map