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Patch v323

This patch is currently not yet released.

This patch is going to be introduced near the end of the month of July, 2020. Major changes in this patch include a new functionality for cards (Enchantments), new Guild War setup and additional modes added to the game.

Enchanted Cards

Enchanted cards is our new system for the currently available "Level 10" and "Level 11" cards. Since most players have reached the near game maximum of items, we wanted to introduce new game effects through a completely custom system we call Enchantments.

Current "E" cards (Level 10 or 11) will automatically be converted with their respective skill during this update.


  • A level 10 card with 39% activation
    • This card would be converted to an Enchanted card with the following enchantments:
      • Enchantment #1: Level 10 Upgrade @ 100% Chance
      • Enchantment #2: 3% Second Skill Activation Upgrade @ 100% Chance

Guild War

New Modes

Trade Credits