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V322.xx - Patch Notes

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Patch v322.0

With this patch, we wanted to introduce a reward structure for players whom are dedicated to playing the game. We know there are players who come online to complete DMS, and there are players who would like to continue playing the game and competing with others. This patch is dedicated to those who want to continue playing and earn rewards while doing so.

Hourly Guild Decay & Reward System

  • Per hour of server time (1PM to 2PM for example), guilds who complete more than 25 PVP games collectively will avoid losing Guild Points.
    • Guild Point penalty for not completing more than 25 PVP games is 1.5% of current GP, taken when the next hour starts.
  • If guilds complete more than 80 games for the hour collectively, the guild will earn 3 Guild Trophies.

To access information regarding this system, use the following command, accessible to all members of the guild:

  • @guild hourly

DMS Hourly System

  • Per hour of server time (1PM to 2PM for example), players who complete these following objectives will receive a reward:
    • Objective #1: Complete 15 or more PVP games.
    • Objective #2: Defeat 10 or more players in PVP games.


  • 100 Cash @ 20% Chance
  • 1x Skill 1 Card (Untradable) @ 20% Chance
  • 1x Skill 2 Card (Untradable) @ 20% Chance
  • 50 Avatar Coins @ 15% Chance
  • 1 GEN Coin @ 5% Chance
  • 1x Loot Crate @ 5% Chance
  • 1x Skill 1-1 @ 5% Chance
  • 1x Skill 2-1 @ 5% Chance
  • 1x Skill 2-2 @ 5% Chance

Hourly System Limits

  • Games played must be longer than 2 minutes to count.
  • Rooms that the games are played in must not have a password.
  • Rooms that the games are played in must be set to 6 or more room slots.
  • There is NO minimum requirement of players in a room at this time.