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V321.xx - Patch Notes

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Notes from Staff Team

Hi guys! From this point forward, we will be creating wiki articles for our patch notes.

Patch notes for our current version (v321) and it's future revisions (v321.1, v321.2, etc) will be posted here. A new page will be created when a new version (v321, v322, etc) is created.


Patch Date: March 27, 2020

Daily Mission System (DMS)

  • Completing 5/7, 6/7 or 7/7 DMS (tier 1 -3) provides your guild Guild Points at the start of next week's guild war (or when your DMS rewards for the week are sent).

Guild & Guild War Changes

Guild War

  • Guild Point minimum cut-off for rewards changed:

SP Cards (@spcard command)

  • New command added: @spcard sets <#>
    • Allows the player to select how many SP Cards sets (Weapon & Accessory) they would like to receive per Visitor Bonus.
    • Default maximum of 4.
    • Also affected by Premium System.

Premium System/Subscription

  • Guild Point bonus from DMS completion (daily & weekly) are multiplied by the percentage bonus of Guild Points from Premium.
  • SP Card Sets maximum increased for Premium users, up to 6 sets per day.

Rate Changes

Mission 300

  • Per 300 levels cleared (each 'S' Tier), EXP & Code rates will increase by 10%.
  • Per 1,500 levels cleared (per 5 'S' Tiers), EXP & Code rates will increase by 15%.

Survival Mode

  • Increase EXP & Code rates by 15%.

Quest 4 & 5

  • Increase EXP & Code Rates by 15%.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed: Visitor Bonus sometimes does not get sent properly if logging in right at 12:00AM.
  • Guild Daily Challenge System (DCS) used to apply to PVE modes (Quest/Mission 300). This has been removed.
  • Fixed: Cards sometimes disappear after increasing inventory slots via Card Slot +6/12 cards.


Patch Date: March 29, 2020

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed: Boosters were not being removed when checking for expiry date due to guild no longer existing.


Patch Date: March 31, 2020

Guild War

  • Guild Point catch up rate for rank 2 and rank 3 guilds changed.
    • Rank 2: 60% -> 15% catch up rate
    • Rank 3: 120% -> 25% catch up rate
  • Very important!: Guild War will now end randomly between the times of 11:00PM - 11:45PM on Saturday nights instead of 11:55PM.
    • An announcement will be made at 11:00PM stating that Guild War will end within the next 45 minutes.
    • Once the Guild War has ended, Guild Scores will no longer be recorded and prizes will be sent out at the usual time of 11:55PM alongside an automated server restart.

Rate Changes

  • Element Rates for the following modes have changed:
    • PVP Modes, Free for All (Survival Mode): +10% Increase in Element Rates
    • PVP Modes, Team Mode (Teamplay, Assault, etc.): +10% Increase in Element Rates

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed: Issues with @dms command and player premium status causing disconnects.
  • Fixed: Disconnection when playing in rooms due to Guild Point accumulation.
  • Fixed: Guild MOTD (Message of the day) and Memo causing errors when not adding text.


Patch Date: April 2, 2020

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed: 2nd Skill Activation limitation for Trades not printing correct percentage allowed to be traded based on level.


  • Optimized server performance upon login.


Patch Date: April 3, 2020


  • Optimized lobby join sequence performance.


Leaver Buster

Leaver buster blocks players from leaving games early and playing again, timing them out for a duration of time. This was implemented a while ago but penalties have increased.

Timeout Changes

  • Tier 1 offenses: 2 minute timeout
  • Tier 2 offenses: 4 minute timeout
  • Tier 3 offenses: 10 minute timeout

Misc. Changes

  • Leaving games early will increase your "Down" count or "death" count by 3.
  • Leaver buster now prevents opening of PVP games while on timeout

Boss Raid

  • Disable changing of Boss Raid stages while game is active.

Mission 300

  • Mission 300 lockout timer to join game increased from 90 seconds to 120 seconds.
  • Mission 300 EXP & Code rate reduced by 10% overall.


Guild War Rates

  • GP Rates have changed in this patch.
    • Expect slightly lower overall GP earning rates.
    • Longer games will yield less GP than previously.
    • Using heavy weapon cards such as the Axe will yield less GP.

Low Player Count Compensation Rates

  • Rates reduced:
    • 1-10 Players: Reduced by 50%.
    • 11-20 Players: Reduced by 25%.
    • 21-35 Players: Reduced by 8%.
    • 36-50 Players: Reduced by 10%.

Region Diversity Rates

  • Rates reduced:
    • 1 Region: 40% earnings reduction previously -> 10% earnings reduction (EXP, Code, GP)
    • 3 Regions: 30% earnings increase previously -> 15% earnings increase (EXP, Code, GP)

Bugs fixed

  • @block command now works properly.


Server Joining & Visitor Bonus

  • Visitor bonuses will now only be delivered after 12:15AM to prevent some bugs causing players not to receive their rewards.
  • While logging in to a server channel, players will not be able to open rooms or join rooms until the login data is "processed" (1-3 seconds).
  • Boss raid prizes should distribute faster than previously.

Rate Changes (EXP, Code & GP)

  • Due to an incorrect bug, "ASSAULT" mode rates were too high.
    • Reduced by 36%. Matches "SURVIVAL" mode rates +10%.
  • Mission 300
    • Rates for killing monsters increased by 15%.
  • Teamplay and other "1 life" team modes
    • Rates increased by 25%.


Mission 300

  • Added: 1 Minute cooldown timer when leaving a Mission 300 room. This will prevent the user who left the room from opening or joining a Mission 300 room.
    • This was added to prevent Mission 300 spamming for specific levels that were favorable for Guild Points. With this cooldown, we encourage players to play Mission 300 as intended through beating each of the levels.
  • When the room host of a Mission 300 room (the opener of the room) leaves, the room will automatically close and all players within that room will be removed from the room.
    • This was added to prevent spamming of Mission 300 rooms through one player who was on a favorable level for Guild Points.
    • Players removed from the room will have a 1 minute cooldown disabling them from joining any other room. This is a client-side limitation and cannot be changed. If you would like to prevent this, leave the room before the host closes the room.
  • These additions/limitations do not apply to Boss Raid mode.


  • Added new kick code for internal purposes.
  • Cleaned up name changing system which was causing bugs.
  • Stability upgrades.


Mission 300

  • Rate Changes
    • Mission 300 rate for defeating monsters has been reduced by -60%.
    • Mission 300 rate for clearing the level has been increased by +40%.
  • Bug fixes for the Lucy "heal" bug have been added. They are still being tested but should yield better results than previously.
  • Removed: 5 minute/1 minute cooldown of room creation/join regarding Mission 300.


Mission 300

Hi guys. As of last week, we have had some major issues with Mission 300 and the exploitation of this mode for gains in Guild War. We have reworked some of how Mission 300 works to re-enable Mission 300 even if this kind of exploit is technically unfixable. Due to the nature of the game and how old it is, it is something that cannot be completely fixed.

In our announcement we stated that those exploiting this mode have been unbanned. We understand why this was exploited due to the nature of Mission 300 being lucrative for Guild Points. We have made the necessary adjustments to ensure Mission 300 continues to be a mode that players can play. We know this mode is very popular and is very enjoyable.

Any future exploitation of this mode will result in your account, IP Address and related accounts to be permanently suspended from the server. We will not take any appeals and will block you from all our services. This is a zero-tolerance policy.

Rule Changes

  • We will continue allow players to repeat levels of Mission 300 by leaving before completing the stage. Players can re-create the same level with a 10 second cool-down between room openings. As usual, if the host leaves a room, the Mission room will be closed.


  • Mission 300 is now re-enabled.
  • Mission 300 rates have been reduced by 25% overall (monsters, completion of a level)
  • Mission 300 can now only be opened in the "Epic X" channel.
  • Mission 300 requires "verified" accounts to play/create.
  • We have made many back-end changes to handling levels which we won't specify here, we also hope this patch fixes the "Lucy Heal" bug.

Boss Raid

Boss Raid mode has been disabled for the foreseeable future. We will introduce other kinds of "special" modes, possibly on a daily rotation for players to enjoy with similar prizes.

Notes from the Team

  • There will be an upcoming patch for a new "Guild Battle" system where guilds can earn increasing amounts of Guild Points through battling other guilds. This will be our new standard for guild war and earning Guild Points.
  • We are also working on some of the other modes, such as Fight Club and Soccer, bringing them back to the game and viable.


Boss Raid

  • Boss Raid has been re-enabled!
  • Boss Raid Prizes have changed:
    • 1x Skill 1-1, 2-1 & 2-2
      • 1% Chance -> 3% Chance per completion of each Boss Raid stage
    • 1x Loot Crate
      • 3% Chance -> 5% Chance per completion of each Boss Raid stage
    • Skill 1 or Skill 2
      • 45% Chance -> 40% Chance per completion of each Boss Raid stage
  • Boss Raid will not auto-advance when completing a stage. Instead, it will repeat the stage that was completed.
    • Players should re-create a room after completion. The room host can use the command '@bossraid help' to select the desired stage using the 'FRIEND' chat.



  • Rates increased by 25%.

Mission 300

  • Rates increased by 10%.