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Summer Splash Events Pt. 2: 2019

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How is everyone's summer? Hope you are all ready for part 2 of our Summer Splash events of 2019 because it's here! We are bringing some more hot events to SPGENS, so get ready to bring on the heat because it will be for this weekend only.

- CSR-Panini

Event List

The list of events will be taking place on:

July 12 @ 12AM - July 15 @ 12AM - Eastern Daylight Time

Donation Bonus

Per $10.00 donated, a 25% chance to obtain a Loot Crate is applied.

Hot Time

For full information regarding Hot Time, a periodic event, please visit the Hot Time page.

1x Bonus Loot Crate per DMS Completion

Here's a bonus for your hard work. You get an extra Loot Crate on top of your earnings when completing DMS.

July 12 @ 12AM - July 19 @ 11:59PM Eastern Daylight Time

Returning Players Bundle

Know any players that have not been on for a while? Tell your friends that they can sign in to collect some prizes to start playing again!

  • For players that have not logged in for 30 days or more
  • Players will receive:
    • 10x Sk 1 & 10x Sk2 (Untradable)
    • 1x Sk 2-2 (Untradable)
    • 1x 14-day Fire SS (Untradable, Unchargable)
    • 1x 7-Day Gold Force Charge for any card (Untradable)

Quest Time-Attack

Introducing our newest event, Quest Time-Attack will test the speed of a player or players' quest clear time. The room with quickest time by the end of the event will be rewarded with prizes! For more information on this new event check out our Quest Time-Attack page.

  • Quest 5 rooms will be timed for time attack, this is done automatically
  • Rooms can have up to 8 players
  • All players must be verified players to participate

Prizes are given out in tiers:

  • Leader of room with 1st place
    • 3x Skill 2-2 (Locked to Account / Untradable)
    • 3x Skill 2-1 (Locked to Account / Untradable)
  • Team member or members of 1st place room
    • 1x Skill 2-2 (Locked to Account / Untradable)
    • 1x Skill 2-1 (Locked to Account / Untradable)
  • Members of other participating rooms
    • 4x Skill 1 (Locked to Account / Untradable)
    • 4x Skill 2 (Locked to Account / Untradable)

If a room leader is 1st place for more than 1 quest time attack, these additional prizes will be given:

  • 2 Time Attacks
    • 1x Level 10 Fusion (Locked to Account / Untradable)
  • 3 Time Attacks
    • 2x Level 10 Fusion (Locked to Account / Untradable)

Fusion Mania

You all keep asking for more Fusion Mania, so get ready for it!

Event Time

  • July 13, 2019 @ 8:00PM - 8:20PM EST
  • July 13, 2019 @ 8:00AM - 8:20AM EST

All dates and times are Eastern Daylight Time.

Event Details

For full information regarding Fusion Mania, a reoccurring event, please visit the Fusion Mania page.