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Patch v316: Player Quality of Life, Card Changes, New Events & More!

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Hi everyone,

These are the official patch notes for patch v316. Dated July 11, 2019.

As of the last few weeks, we have noticed a bit of stagnation within the server. With this patch, we have started laying the foundation of designing our server to be more player friendly and consistent. Our players should have more access to skill cards and other forms of "upgrades" to progress through the game without strictly needing to spend money on the game.

Patches have been planned for the next following month with additional unique game modes, more rewards and an overhaul of the current Guild War system in favor of keeping things fresh.

Release Date

Official release date for this patch is July 11, 2019 @ 11:00PM - Eastern Daylight Time

Player Related Changes

New Player Quality of Life (QOL) Improvements

  • Reduce needed level to trade/gift
    • Level 21 (Moon 1) -> Level 19 (Star 3)
  • Welcome bundle for new players have been changed. Welcome bundle is given upon verification.
    • 10x Skill 1 & 10x Skill 2 (Untradable)
    • 1x Random Element Sword with near max skills @ 28% activation (Untradable)
    • 3x 7-Day Gold Force Charge for any card (Untradable)
    • 20,000 All Elements & 25 million (25,000,000) code
    • 2x Chaos Level Fusion (Untradable, will change card to untradable when used)
    • 6 bonus inventory slots


  • Kicks per week increased.
    • 3 -> 5

Mode of the Day

  • Increase bonus rate.
    • 2.0x -> 3.5x
  • Removed Fight Club from Mode of the Day
  • Added Assault and Crystal Capture to Mode of the Day

Card Changes


  • Max second skill activation percentage increased.
    • 39% -> 40%
  • Level 10 Fusion base success rate decreased.
    • 10% -> 5%
  • Chaos Level Fusion now has a confirmation when fusion is done.
  • New variant of Chaos Level Fusion added: This version will make the card you use it on untradable. Only given as a welcome gift.
  • Bug: Fixed issue where Chaos Level Fusion card was not being removed after usage.
  • Bug: Fixed issue where code was deducted when players had enough code to use Regular Skill Fusion.
  • Bug: Fixed issue where player would have enough code for Regular Skill Fusion, but would not allow fusion to pass.

SP Cards

  • SP Cards now have a better chances to obtain max first skills that are desirable (MTD, DMG).
  • @spcard remove has been added to allow players to remove SP cards from their inventory.
  • SP Card inventory space requirements reduced.
    • 2 cards will be produced with 3 slots. Previously 5.
    • 4 cards will be produced with 5 slots. Previously 8.
  • SP Cards are now given to players regardless of verification status.

Card Shop

  • Untradable cards can now be force charged if they are equipment cards.

Economy Changes

GEN Coin Store

  • Newly added: 5x 2-2 (Untradable)
    • added for 75 GEN Coins
  • Price Change: 5x 2-2 price reduction.
    • 100 GEN Coins -> 95 GEN Coins

User Shop

  • User Shop fee reduced by 2.0%.
    • VIP & Premium Players 7.5% -> 5.5%
    • Verified Players 10.5% -> 8.5%
  • Equipment cards with 30%+ activation will be subjected to a "hold" where the card will be listed but cannot be bought for up to 30 minutes.
  • User Shop card return window decreased.
    • 3 days -> 2 days
  • User Shop cards listed by unverified players cannot be bought.
  • Most cards sold in User Shop will give the owner a message indicating what card was sold instead of "A card".


  • Players will have up to 650 million (650,000,000) code trade limit per day. This is reset upon Visitor Bonus.
  • Equipment cards with more than 90 days of Gold Force cannot be traded unless it is a Trade Credit based trade.

Code Shop

  • Level 10 Fusion Card price increased.
    • 13,500,000,000 Code -> 18,225,000,000 Code

New Events

All 3 of these events start July 12, 2019 @ 12AM EST.

Visit our Summer Splash Events Pt. 2 posting to view dates and details.


  • New event added: Time-Attack: Quest 5
  • Added the command @timeattack so you can manage your Time-Attack scores and view leaderboards

Returning Players Event

Daily Mission System: Loot Crate Bonus

  • New event added: DMS Loot Crate Bonus

Technical Changes

Server-side Code

  • Reduced overhead upon joining a channel. This should yield less issues when trying to join a channel and having the "clock of death".


  • Rewards will no longer produce "Gift received" message, reducing spam.


Command Changes

  • @goodies removed