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November 2020: Timezone Change

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Timezone Change

Update #2 (Nov. 7 @ 4:49PM GMT-5)

Hi guys! We have decided to change our timezone officially to GMT-4. This is the same timezone we were previously on before Daylight Savings changed us to GMT-5.

Please view the updated time here.

Update #1 (Nov. 6 @ 10:35PM GMT-5)

We may be postponing this and selecting a more appropriate timezone for players in Asia and North America.

Original Post

Hi everyone,

Twice per year, we usually do a time zone change from GMT-4 to GMT-5 and back due to Daylight Savings. Because this is a major inconvenience to many of our players, we have decided to permanently change our time zone to the Korean Standard Time, GMT-9 GMT-4

The time zone change will occur on November 8, 2020 at 12:15AM Eastern Standard Time. We will make an announcement on Discord when the time zone has changed and will provide an in-game notification for when the change has been completed.

Included in the next patch, we will be adding more ways for players to check the server time.

For players not native to the GMT-4 time zone, our future announcements will include a link to check the time in GMT-4.

We hope this can help players further enjoy the game and plan their daily and weekly objectives more easily.

Please note, since the timezone change will advance the time by 14 hours, players will be given 1 DMS completion for the day automatically.

Thank you,