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V320 - Minor Patch (Bug Fixes, Level 11 & 10 Changes)

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Hi guys!

We hope you all are having a wonderful holiday. In this patch, we are making adjustments to the fusion system, specifically level 10 and 11 for December 28, 2019's Fusion Mania. An additional patch with the more game changes and features for guild war will be coming near the beginning of the new year.

Release Date

Official release date for this patch is December 27, 2019 @ 10:00PM - Eastern Standard Time

Level 10 & 11 Fusion Changes

  • Level 11 is introduced in this patch.
    • Level 11 can be used in PVE (Player vs. Environment) modes like Mission 300 and Quest.
    • Level 11 can be used in Community mode.
    • Level 11, in the future will have event modes where it can be used (PVP).
    • For more information regarding how to fuse, rates, guarantee percentages and more, head over to our Custom Card Fusion Page.
    • Level 11 fusion will be accessed via the same Skill Fusion (currently level 10 fusion card) on a Level 10 card.
  • Level 10 fusion rates have changed.
    • Fusion rates have been halved from the original rates.
      • Originally we were planning to reduce success rates by 1/4, but we wanted to take this slower and see how the community responds to these changes.
    • Price of a Level 10/11 Fusion Card in the GEN Coin shop have been reduced by half.
      • 620 GEN Coins -> 310 GEN Coins
    • Drop rate of Level 10/11 Fusion in Loot Crates have been doubled.
      • 1% -> 2%
    • Level 10 fusion costs have changed.
      • 100,000 Elements (of card type) -> 80,000 elements
      • 250,000,000 code -> 200,000,000 code
    • Dropped price of Level 10/11 Fusion in Guild Trophy store by 1/2.
      • 975 Guild Trophies -> 485 Guild Trophies

Trade Credit Removal

As promised, we will be removing the Trade Credit system. We wanted to do this to re-enable free trading and allow players to play the game the way they see fit.

We will be removing Trade Credits from the GEN Coin shop and the First of the Month bonus for Premium users. First of the Month bonus including Trade Credits will be replaced with something else, to be determined at a future date.

The Trade Credit removal will be happening January 7, 2020.


Players with Trade Credits will have their credits traded in for GEN Coins. The amount is yet to be determined.

Technical Changes

Bugs Fixed

  • Various performance changes to server processing and data processing.
  • Boss Raid bugs fixed from exploitation access.
  • Minor changes to login procedure for rewards.
  • Removal of Trade Credits from GEN Coin store