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Guild Trophy

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Guild Trophy System

Guild Trophies are rewards given to the guild per guild siege. Based on the ranking of a guild for a weekly guild siege, the guild will receive a certain amount of trophies.

Trophy Rewards based on Guild War Placement

Siege Placement Guild Trophies
1st Place 150
2nd Place 100
3rd Place 65
4th Place 50
5th Place 40

Trophy Store

  • All cards redeemed from the trophy store are untradable.
  • Trophies can only be used by the guild leader to redeem rewards for the guild.
  • All rewards from the Guild Trophy store are universal to the whole guild.
  • Everyone in the guild will receive a reward.
    • Player accounts must be set to 'primary' to receive a reward.
Card / Item Price (in Guild Trophies)
3x Skill 1 40
3x Skill 2 30
1x Skill 1-1 275
1x Skill 2-1 175
1x Skill 2-2 200
1x Skill Fusion (Level 10 / 11 Fusion) 555
1x Card Slot +6 450
1x SS Earth, 30 Days 1075
5x Skill 2-2 800
6x Enchantment Fusion 135
1x Ultra Crate 345
1x Loot Crate 165