Survival Project: GENERATIONS (SPGENS) Terms of Service (ToS)

By making an account and accessing SPGENS' services you agree to the following terms of service:

These terms of service (the "Terms") set out the terms and conditions by which Survival Project: GENERATIONS colloquially known as "SPGENS", hereby offers you access to use and enjoy our services, software, websites and other services. When we say "SPGENS," we're referring to the SPGENS entity and its entirety.

Player Conduct


All users found to be harassing others in-game or Discord will be given a first warning by the staff. Subsequent incidents of harassment will lead to the user temporarily losing chatting privileges in-game and on Discord. If harassment continues at a future date, the user will be permanently muted and/or have their account banned. (Note: Harassment can be a difficult term to define. What constitutes harassment to one user, might be playful interaction for another. To bring some guidance, we here at SPGENS view repeated use of insults, profanity, and suggestive actions as signs of harassment. This can include a user constantly sending you whispers or messages in-game, always following you in-game and targeting you and only you, or repeatedly finding any small and petty means of decreasing your quality of gameplay).

Toxic Behavior

SPGENS will not tolerate toxic behavior towards other users. Toxic behavior will be dealt with in the same manner as harassment. Toxic behavior can include but are not limited to: calling other players profanities and racial slurs, belittling others, speaking unreasonably highly of oneself to put others down, acting insane, reacting unreasonably to others, and being hostile.


Spamming in-game, on Discord, and on the forums is strictly forbidden. Spamming is perceived as anyone posting too much information too fast, without an adequate reason for it. Spamming is also perceived as posting irrelevant responses that do not contribute to any discussion in any way. For example, anyone constantly making posts to brag or to get their idea across where one or two lines is sufficient, will be considered spamming. Additionally, not following the rules of the forum and Discord, such as posting in the wrong sections will be perceived as spamming. Please see below for additional rules pertaining to Discord and forum. Spammers will be warned. If spamming continues they will be temporarily and/or permanently muted.

Gameplay Practices and Rules

Account Ownership

Everything in SPGENS, including the account(s) you use to play the game, are owned by SPGENS. Players are given permission to use these accounts by SPGENS. However, SPGENS do not give permission to anybody to sell or buy things that relate to SPGENS accounts.

Accounts and their contents are subject to removal, editing or adjustments at SPGENS' discretion and due to any unforeseen situation necessitating such action, no compensation will be given for any loss of account or individual items to any user affected.

Account Limit

Each user is allowed up to two (2) accounts on SPGENS. That's one main account and one alt/mule. Since each account receives daily rewards, it is our goal to curb users taking advantage of this by means of multiple accounts. If a user finds themselves in need of more accounts for item storage, they can make a written request to staff for an additional account beyond the two-account limit. This request will only be honored if the user has all their slots on each account completely opened up (slots can be purchased from shop for cash earned through daily log-ins or donations/store purchases). If a third account is granted, this account will have its daily log-in rewards disabled.

Account Sharing or Item Sharing

Players must not share, transfer or lend their account to anyone else. You may have up to 2 game accounts, but each account should only be used by the person who created it. All game accounts are the property of SPGENS and players are only granted limited permission to use accounts. Nobody has our permission to sell accounts.

If you buy an account, it's likely that the seller will take it back from you after you have already put time, resources and effort into it.

For another player to use your account they will require your login details. This means your account security is weakened. If you allow somebody else to access your account they might steal items or other resources from you or even try to claim the account belongs to them so they can keep using it forever. In addition, if they cheat or break our rules using your account they could get your account muted or banned for things that you haven't done.

Sharing accounts is also a form of cheating. This is because sharing an account with somebody else gives you an unfair advantage.

Exploiting Glitches, Bugs or Vulnerabilities

Any user found exploiting the game's vulnerabilities, bugs or glitches are subject to account termination or account resource adjustment. This is up to the discretion of the SPGENS' staff. If a user is caught assisting someone in exploitations they too will be subject to the same consequences. Lastly, knowingly trading with a user who exploited the game in any manner can subject you to the same consequences as exploiting itself.

If you have 'stumbled' across a bug do not continue to exploit it. We will not ban anyone who discovers a bug in our game, lets us know about it and then does not use the bug again.

We do ban players who continually exploit a bug, particularly if the bug provides unfair gain or advantage over other players.

If you discover a bug, please don't share details of it with other players. For example, by sharing the information in game or making a video (or similar) that explains how to exploit the bug.

Encouraging other players to abuse a bug or sharing information about it is treated in the same way as continually abusing the bug yourself and can lead to a ban.

Idling in game

It is absolutely prohibited to leave your character idle in an active game mode, whether PVP or PVE. Since the game rewards are scaled up with more room participants, having players 'afk' in a room to increase rewards is not fair to others and is not allowed here. It is also not allowed to let your alternate/mule account hang in the room while you are playing for the same reason as previously mentioned. You are, however, allowed to remain AFK in community rooms and in the room selection lobby.

'Kill' Swapping or Trading 'Kills'

Swapping/trading kills is defined as taking turns killing each other without the spirit of competition. Whether this practice is between two people or a room full of players killing each other in a specific order, this action is considered swapping and is not allowed. Also, repeatedly letting others kill your character while you are either observing the match or being idle is forbidden. Playing with yourself on two accounts, for the purpose of boosting reward rates in quest or killing your alternate account for easy rewards in PVP modes is not allowed. Please note that you are allowed to be in the same community room with your main and alternate accounts for things like trading.


It is against the rules to try and obtain items or resources from other players by scamming them. By 'scamming' we mean tricking or deceiving other players for your own advantage. Although scams come in many forms, these are some common examples of behavior that could lead to your account being muted or banned for scamming:

  • Asking other players to give you something with the promise that they will receive something in return and then not supplying it
  • Deliberately lying or misleading someone about an item to inflate it's value. For example, claiming an item is rare and valuable when it is not
  • Not carrying out a trade as agreed. For example, agreeing to pay 100,000,000 code and then only offering 10,000,000 code in the hope the change won't be noticed
  • Trying to get other players to accept a trade that is very unfair, by tricking them into not removing items they have placed in the trade window, but did not intend to trade to you
  • Asking another player to trade you anything in order to 'trust you' or for some other thing to happen (such as winning a prize for trading the most valuable items)
  • Saying that you will trade back more code in a second trade than you are given in a first trade (often called 'doubling money')
  • Pretending to help a player who someone is attempting to scam by telling them how to 'scam the scammer', which still leads to the original player being scammed anyway (this is known as 'anti-lure' and is a scam in itself)
  • Anything else that uses scamming techniques, dishonesty, misdirection or similar and results in a player losing items or wealth that they did not expect to lose

  • Although scamming others is against our Terms of Service, it is the sole responsibility of the player to ensure their resources and items are safe. SPGENS will not guarantee any possibility of recovery of 'scammed' items. If it sounds 'too good to be true', it probably is.


    Impersonating another player or staff member is prohibited. Any use of impersonation as a form of misdirection is prohibited.


    Compensations for Unsatisfactory Gameplay

    We strive to make every player's gameplay fun and fair, we here make no statement of guarantee that a player will have a satisfactory gameplay. Since satisfaction is subjective and SPGENS is a random number heavy game, it is very likely that some users might experience better game outcomes than others. With that in mind, no compensation will be provided to anyone under any circumstances involving dissatisfaction with the game's results. This includes, but is not limited to, some examples that follow: failing item upgrades, not getting the desired skill, gaining amount of code/point/eles deemed too little, matches taking too long, deeming a completed trade with another player as unfair after the trade is completed, etc.

    Compensation for Inactivity

    If a player is inactive due to their own reasons, no extension will be given to cash items that have a timed duration (such as Gold Force, Super Silver, etc.). In the rare situation that a server goes down for a duration exceeding 1 day (24 hours), global compensation might be provided to every user which may or may not include extended cash item durations by the time lost.

    Compensations for Misunderstanding or Failing to Read the Custom Features

    In the event that a user fails to read the custom features page or has a misunderstanding and takes actions that lead to undesirable outcome, no compensation will be made. Please be sure to look over the list and if you are uncertain of anything, ask one of the staff members for clarification before proceeding with the action.

    Compensations for Bugs or Glitches

    In the event of a bug, glitch or malfunction of our services causing a loss in in-game resources or items; SPGENS will attempt to restore the lost resources and items. However, we cannot guarantee all resources and items can be recovered.

    Compensations for Lost Opportunity or Time

    In the event of a bug, glitch or service related issue causing loss of time or opportunity; SPGENS will attempt to restore or provide compensation for the lost time. However, we cannot guarantee the same results as the opportunity or time lost.

    Compensations for Accidental Purchases

    No user shall receive any compensation or rollback due to accidental purchases any in-game shop, in-game mechanic or trade. Please be cautious when making any transitions.

    Compensations for Getting Scammed or Hacked

    As mentioned in their respective sections above, no form of compensation will be made to any user who is scammed or hacked. It is the user's sole responsibility to exercise caution and proactively protect their account.

    Monetary Policies

    Store Purchases

    By making a donation or purchase to the server, you are willingly relinquishing ownership of the amount spent. The amount spent is not a transaction. Any benefits you receive in-game are a courtesy and a form of showing appreciation for your help.

    You lose the right to change your mind, cancel the order and get a refund once the payment is processed.

    Donations & store purchases to the Survival Project: GENERATIONS server is a donation for the virtual items contained in the donation reward. This donation is final and there are no refunds. If your account is banned for breaking the rules of the Survival Project: GENERATIONS servers, you will not be refunded. Bans are subject to the full discretion of the server operations staff and rules can be changed at any time. There is no guarantee on being able to enter the server, and if the server is no longer operated the virtual items are forfeit. Refund requests due to issues concerning lag, game glitches, or any other issues are subject to the discretion of the Survival Project: GENERATIONS administration team. All items are virtual and have no value.

    Game Account Status

    Game accounts can hold "Premium" status through a subscription. Subscriptions cannot be transferred and the 'game account status' cannot be transferred.


    Players are allowed to trade, buy or sell their in-game assets with other players as they wish. Selling or buying in-game equipment for money ('RMT, Real Money Trading') is explicitly allowed on our services, but will not be covered or insured by SPGENSENS. Selling digital soft currencies (game money, such as Code, Cash or Avatar Coins) is strictly prohibited under our RMT policy. We assume zero liability regarding this form of trading and will not take action against any associated parties if problems arise.

    Selling of Accounts

    Selling of accounts in which a player is trading or selling an account for any form of currency is strictly forbidden. Accounts found to have been sold to other users or traded will be permanently banned without a chance to recover the account. Additionally, buyer's accounts will also be permanently banned and removed from our service.

    Cash Chargebacks / Refunds

    You may not chargeback your PayPal or your Credit/Debit card after your donation or purchase has been processed. SPGENS' reserves the right to suspend, remove and delete any accounts associated with chargebacks.

    Real World Trading or Real Money Trading

    Real World Trading or Real Money Trading (RWT or RMT) means buying or selling in the real world, for real money, things that relate to SPGENS accounts. This includes:
  • In-game items
  • In-game Gold (GP)
  • Account names
  • In addition, paying someone to play your account for you is covered by this rule.

  • Everything in SPGENS, including the account(s) you use to play the game, are owned by SPGENS. Players are given permission to use these accounts by SPGENS. However, SPGENS do not give permission to anybody to sell or buy things that relate to SPGENS accounts.

    Legal Information

    Cease and Desist

    In the event that a Cease and Desist order is issued, SPGENS reserves the right to shut down the server completely and stop service indefinitely. Should this happen, players are reminded that the accounts and their contents are property of SPGENS and no compensation will be given to the players. All donations/store purchases made to SPGENS are donations/store purchases and not transactions and thus will not be refunded!


    All rights to Survival Project belong to HanbitSoft and I.O. Entertainment. SPGENS is in no way associated with or endorsed by these parties. All characters, items, game modes, interfaces, and other client details are the intellectual property of the aforementioned parties. All server data was written and developed by the SPGENS team and remains their property. In the event of Cease & Desist order or any other legal action, only the game client is a suitable target therein. The server code remains property of the SPGENS team and is not subject to legal actions by any party in the same manner as the client.

    Staff Members

    The staff members at SPGENS are volunteers and receive no form of financial compensation for their actions.

    Information & Confidentiality

    Information relating to the operations, processes, plans, intentions, market opportunities, transactions, programming, server data and/or any information of other users, staff members and/or Game Masters shall be kept secret and confidential. Users shall not copy, use or disclose any such information to any third party, including but not limited to HanbitSoft and I.O. Entertainment. If User(s) is/are found to copy, use and/or disclose, and/or intended to copy, use and/or disclose any such information to any third party, SPGENSENS has the right to terminate all associated accounts following our Terms of Service and reserve the right to pursue any damages arise from such copy, use and/or disclosure.



    Under no circumstances may you use SPGENS and its associated Discord or forum for any form of advertising. If you have a desire to share something of yours that may be seen as advertisement, please contact the staff first. On a case by case basis, advertising might be allowed.

    Game Events

    In an attempt to make SPGENS a fun experience for all, there are ongoing scheduled and impromptu events occurring at various times. All event participations and outcomes are recorded and kept track of. All rulings and rewards established before the completion of the event are final. Should there be a misunderstanding or dissatisfaction with a reward, it must be discussed with the staff prior to the conclusion of the event. The following situations are not grounds for compensation of any kind: dissatisfaction with outcomes, missing the event due to personal scheduling conflicts, not being able to participate due to player limit quota, having server issues at the time of event (CoD, server down, etc.). Any user being disruptive to the progress of an event or breaking the rules of the event, can be disqualified from the current and all future events at the discretion of the staff. Please understand that the process of coming up with events, as well as planning and executing them is difficult and it takes a great deal of time commitment. Keeping this in mind, please be respectful to those running the events, as well as your fellow participants!